One hand washes the other

And here ($$), in one paragraph, is the grand theory of the mindset of the folks running college football these days:

“I think it probably motivated everybody to say stuff is changing really quickly, and if we want to see some additional stability within a sort of realignment world, getting an expanded playoff was certainly a key to that,” Washington State’s Schulz said. “And so I think that helps many of the presidents say, ‘Hey, we need to get this done so we all know what that’s going to look like. Because if you’re in a 20-team conference, and there’s a four-team playoff, that may not look as attractive as being in a smaller conference with that ability to maybe get there. Now, if it’s an expanded playoff, and you know there’s more slots available, then some of the realignment may make more sense.”

Whatever gets y’all through the night, brother.



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11 responses to “One hand washes the other

  1. Godawg

    I’m all for more football, but it’s still going to be the same 4-6 teams in the semis each year. Those will also be the teams getting the bye, so what’s really changed?


  2. MGW

    No realignment has ever made sense. Everybody just needs to grab their keys back out of the bowl and go home with their wives.

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  3. I was trying to think of a more unregulated industry composed of so many greedy, selfish and uncaring idiots and then a political ad popped up.

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  4. Dawg19

    What sucks is that they continue to expand the basketball tournament and yet we still haven’t won a tournament game in over 25 years.


    • Godawg

      I still have my 2003 Dawgs in the Big Dance in the Big Easy tee shirt…of course then we were banned from post season play. Still hanging in my closet, never worn.


  5. munsoning

    Remember when ADs at least pretended to care about things other than TV $$$? You know, like how well their teams were playing?