TFW they say “even Georgia”

Gotta love stuff like this:

Through one month, offenses are averaging 243.6 passing yards per game and 7.7 yards per attempt while completing 62.5% of throws. Should those numbers hold, all three averages would represent new FBS single-season records. Even if inflated somewhat by non-conference play, these numbers are still ahead of the pace set during the same time frame last season, when new marks were set for completion percentage and yards per attempt.

Even usually conservative Georgia is getting into the action. The Bulldogs have opened things up with Stetson Bennett, making the senior the centerpiece of a more pass-driven offense. Overall, teams in this week’s Top 25 have tossed 248 touchdowns against just 39 interceptions.

Outside of Kansas’ Lance Leipold, I’m not sure there’s a coach who’s raised his national profile more this season than Todd Monken.



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  1. It’s time to start a disinformation campaign against Monken and to demand Kirby run the ball in garbage time. We need to keep this man around.

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    • Unless Monken sees a job that has potential, he isn’t leaving UGA. He’s making really good money without the pressure of recruiting, roster management, alumni stuff, fund raising, and program management. Kirby has practically made him the equivalent of a head coach for the offense by letting him focus on game planning and QB coaching. Finally, it definitely sounds like his wife has tired of the moving every 2 or 3 years thing whether that’s in college or the NFL.

      Are Kirby and Monken the new Pete Carroll and Norm Chow?

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      • jim1886

        We can only HOPE

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      • Down Island Way

        CKS hasn’t re-invented himself (and he is NO fucking p. carroll), CKS has seen/felt where the explosiveness he seeks is located, CKS always be crootin’ to get the OC explosive roster to use, CKS wants/needs the “O” to out pace the opposition for 2/3 quarters, “D” will handle/close the deal in 3 quarters, Dawgs win, fans win, stats win, trophy case wins…GO DAWGS!


        • What I mean by the Carroll remark is that he was head coach plus hands on with the defense with Chow running the offense (I understand Chow hated recruiting). They combined to win a lot of games and championships.

          Smart and Monken could be similar.

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  2. Oscar and Felix…doot dadoo dadoo…


  3. But can Monken run da damn baw?!?

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