Today, in injury updates

I don’t know about you, but…

… neither of those give me much reason for optimism in the short run.


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32 responses to “Today, in injury updates

  1. D.N. Nation

    If we hear “we hope to get him back,” then you know the guy’s out for a good while.

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  2. godawgs1701

    what in the world is going on with Arik Gilbert? I truly hope that things turn for him and he’s able to capitalize on his talent because he’s got a great opportunity. Either with Georgia or elsewhere, I’d love to see it work out for him.

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  3. Derek

    The Arik situation is one of the more bizarre I’ve seen. My only assumption I have is that his issues are pronounced but internal because whatever they are, Coach doesn’t think they are impacting the team. The kid’s as talented as they come and he’s got two excellent mentors ahead of him and Kirby has obviously taken an interest. Hopefully, he can navigate whatever those issues are.

    Carter taking fewer reps means more reps for the other young dudes. As long as he’s good to go from cocktail party on that’s fine with me.

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    • Down Island Way

      Ankle injuries take a looooong timmme to heal 100%, in the mean time, Ron Courson has an ankle load of tape for the big guy,,,GO DAWGS!


  4. It will be telling if AG travels with the team to Mizzou.

    I want him to shine.

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  5. Biggen

    The Gilbert thing is a head scratcher.

    How is AD Mitchell still not better? Kirby initially said he could have gone back into the Samford game if we needed him. Now he is hobbling around on the sidelines not even dressed out.

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  6. RangerRuss

    Just have everyone healthy by Halloween weekend.

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  7. SlobberKnocker

    On a related note, did M Williams play last week? I can’t say I was specifically looking during the game but remember thinking afterward that I didn’t remember him.


  8. pansythedawg

    My highschool coach says rub some cramergesic (we called it Cream of Jesus) on them, and they’ll be good to go. Then again, my football coach also gave us cokes and Snickers at halftime yet was befuddled by all the second half cramping.

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    I feel good.

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  10. stoopnagle

    Is Brock Bowers healthy and playing? OK, cool, I’m good.

    Would definitely like to have Jalen back in the fray yesterday, but feel OK getting to the break without him.


    • voxdawg

      I get where you’re coming from, and you’re not wrong, but God forbid #19 gets hurt, we can’t rely on a single player to bail us out to score all the points.

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  11. bcdawg97

    My assumption on all injuries is that we are playing a soft enough schedule that the coaches know the remaining talent is good enough to get through the games, all while building depth. Same thing with the OL tinkering at guard we keep seeing.

    As others have said, I think we see nearly everyone back by FU and the OL settles to an official starting 5 for the November gauntlet.

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  12. marshesofglynn

    Kirby injury updates are vaporware.

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  13. TripleB

    I always appreciate Smart’s straightforward talk. Blunt and to the point…EXCEPT when talking about players dealing with injuries or other issues. He just can’t bear to tell what is really going on. Guess he doesn’t want the other side to know. I don’t even listen to his injury updates anymore!

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