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Business trip

Notice who pops up around the 10-second mark.


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Reliving his greatest hits

This simultaneously impressed and amused me.

I’m not gonna argue with him, that’s for sure.



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Mizzou thoughts

Some random bits for posting fodder:

  • Stats.  Last season, Missouri finished next to last in the conference in net ypp.  Underwater, specifically.  The Tigers were especially horrific on defense.  Through four games this season, that number is more middle of the pack, mainly because of significant defensive improvement.  That being said, they find themselves dead last in the SEC in offensive ypp.  The Dawgs are averaging two more yards per play.  (Per Sagarin, that’s against a schedule significantly tougher than Mizzou’s, too.)
  • Explosiveness.  Georgia is second in the SEC in offensive plays of 10+ yards.  Missouri is thirteenth.
  • Intangibles.  Kirby got his favorite kind of win against Kent State — dominant, but sloppy.  He’s had all week to drill into his team that they aren’t that good and now they get to try to prove him wrong.  In a night game!  Meanwhile, the Tigers are coming off a devastating loss in a game they should have won and Drinkwitz’ coaching has come into question between the ending of that game and the abysmal playcalling against Kansas State.  It’s hard to see how the mindsets of the two teams could be farther apart right now.
  • Injuries and rosters.  Here’s the list of Missouri’s wounded.  Burden is obviously the one we’ll be keeping an eye out for; he hasn’t been dominant, but he’s played a significant part for the Tigers so far.  Meanwhile, Georgia’s injury list isn’t insignificant, either, starting with Jalen Carter.  Mitchell and Smith continue to be unlikely to play; McIntosh is questionable (which means they’ll try to keep him off the field if they can get away with it).  Bullard is probably suspended and we can accordingly expect some shuffling at the star position.  There’s also the mystery that is Arik Gilbert.  Georgia has to pare down to the 70-player SEC travel roster, so it will be interesting to see who’s left behind in Athens this week.
  • Obvious playcalling is obvious.  As I posted the other day, I expect Georgia’s defense to get screened to death tomorrow.  Mizzou’s best receiver is Dominic Lovett, who just happens to be leading the conference in receiving yards per game.  He’s usually lined up in the slot, so expect to hear his name early and often.
  • Offensive line play.  You think Georgia’s offensive line has been a disappointment so far this season?  Well, Georgia is first in the conference in tackles for loss allowed (and as we’ve seen, that ain’t because the running backs have been extremely elusive), with seven.  Missouri?  They’ve given up a whopping 33, the most in the SEC on a per game basis.  To put it another way, Missouri is averaging more TFL yielded per game than Georgia has totaled all season.  Some of you may need to re-calibrate your notion of disappointing after tomorrow night.

That should be enough to chew on for now.  Feel free to add your own bullet points in the comments.


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Helpless and hopeless

The Greg McGarity management style, in one quote:

“The reason we had so many noon games then is because we weren’t good,” said McGarity, now CEO of Gator Bowl Sports in Jacksonville. “We didn’t play well enough to deserve primetime. And there was nothing I could do. You can complain about it and certainly advocate for it, but the networks control everything. They’re going to pick whoever they want to play whenever they want.”

No doubt he felt similarly when the SEC informed him about changing Auburn’s scheduling with Georgia.  Twice.


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Now this is how you putdown.

Dana Holgorsen, with maybe the greatest response to a fan on a radio call in show:

“… definitely some perceived deficiencies” deserved every bit of “… and do not bring up that man’s name ever again” it got in response.  Dana, you go, girl.


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It’s Thursday night… in Athens!

Putting 2+2 together

Be prepared for first-round Playoff games to kick off on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Or maybe all three. As Sports Illustrated has reported, this is expected. It’s something that CFP executive director Bill Hancock strongly suggested in a conversation with reporters Tuesday. Hancock said he’d be “surprised” if all four first-round games were on a Saturday. That’s for at least two reasons: avoiding competing with the NFL, which begins regular-season games on Saturdays in mid-December; and television windows.

“You’d like to have each game in its own window. As you know, there are just three windows: 12 [p.m.], 4 and 8,” Hancock says.

Inside the room, discussions have centered around several possibilities, including holding one Playoff game each night Wednesday through Friday and then a Saturday afternoon Playoff game leading into the NFL games.


There seems to be no sentiment to move the first-round games from on-campus stadiums to bowl sites. The topic did not arise during commissioners’ discussions on Tuesday, Hancock says. And most commissioners say privately they do not expect the first round to move from campuses.

Getting to a playoff game in metro Atlanta rush hour traffic? I mean, who wouldn’t like that?

Then again, you’d think that should be incentive enough to chase one of the top four seeds to get that coveted bye.


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“Rushing Explosiveness”

If you’re fretting about Georgia’s running game, Josh Hancher is here to settle you down.

Offensive Rush Success Rate

  • 2018    48.0%
  • 2019    47.3%
  • 2020    49.6%
  • 2021    50.6%
  • 2022    64.8%

Offensive Rush Yards Per Attempt

  • 2018    6.5
  • 2019    5.6
  • 2020    5.3
  • 2021    5.8
  • 2022    5.9 (current Official is 5.4 but includes sacks, etc)

Georgia is actually incredibly successful and is top 5 in rush success rate this season.  These are actual rush attempts, not short passes, screens, etc which can be debated as extension of the run game.  Pretty good, right?

I’d take it.  More importantly, consider the overall context.  As he concludes, “I am not worried about the run game or who is the RB. This offense is humming.” True dat!


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Today, in Leachisms

Hey, when he’s right, he’s right.


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Stay classy, Jackets.

Damn, just treating the man like a Waffle House waitress who screwed up an order.

When Georgia Tech announced their dismissals in a news release Monday, school President Ángel Cabrera praised both athletic director Todd Stansbury and football coach Geoff Collins in statements for their efforts on behalf of the institute.

He noted Collins’ commitment to his players. He said of Stansbury that the Tech alumnus is and will always be an admired and respected member of the Tech community and that his dedication to Yellow Jackets athletes and love for Tech are admirable. It was because of the team’s poor on-field performance that they were being fired, Cabrera’s statement read.

Earlier that day, however, after he had met with both men in successive meetings to inform them of their terminations, their treatment did not express gratitude or respect. After being fired in his office, Stansbury and Collins were escorted to their cars to leave campus without being able to return to their offices and had to surrender their phones immediately, two people familiar with the situation told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

No doubt that sends a warm message to the group of folks from whom you’re looking to hire Collins’ replacement.


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