Business trip

Notice who pops up around the 10-second mark.


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24 responses to “Business trip

  1. Bulldawg Bill

    OK, I give up! Who was it??


  2. Alex Westberry

    First play of the game, Stetson takes the snap, drops back and throws a 75 yard bomb to Arian Smith streaking down the sideline.

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  3. Ran A

    Time to take the top off this bitch…

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  4. Harold Miller

    DYFJ and get this over early.

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  5. ben

    I may be biased, but I think our social media team is top notch.

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  6. Harold Miller

    BTW did anyone see the white helmet on the UGA IG account?

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  7. debbybalcer

    Did anyone see if Arik Gilbert traveled?

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  8. siskey

    Go Dawgs!!

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  9. William Ferguson

    Side note: Our kids really dress with a ton of class

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  10. Dawg in Austin

    Arian took Mizzou down last year with a bomb from Stetson. I’ll take a repeat.

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  11. Biggen

    If Arian is back that is a big deal. Having to defend the go route ran by a sprinter and all the underneath stuff we already do?!? F me running…

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  12. Terry McCullers

    Go DAWGS!


  13. Russ

    Okay, no spoilers for me today! I’m watching the game tomorrow since I’m traveling today. Nobody tell me the score.

    I can trust y’all, right?