Helpless and hopeless

The Greg McGarity management style, in one quote:

“The reason we had so many noon games then is because we weren’t good,” said McGarity, now CEO of Gator Bowl Sports in Jacksonville. “We didn’t play well enough to deserve primetime. And there was nothing I could do. You can complain about it and certainly advocate for it, but the networks control everything. They’re going to pick whoever they want to play whenever they want.”

No doubt he felt similarly when the SEC informed him about changing Auburn’s scheduling with Georgia.  Twice.



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  1. Ran A

    LOL, this dude belonged to the “thank you sir, can I have another” fraternity” and never left. I cannot think of one thing that he ever publicly fought for on behalf of the Dawgs. Not one.

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    • D.N. Nation

      He fought for that degenerate miscreant criminal Todd Gurley to get what was comin’ to him!

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      • Migraine Boy

        My favorite about that was the news dropped late Thursday, then Friday he had a statement that basically said, “yeah we heard, thanks. We’ll get to it on Monday. Have a great weekend!”


      • classiccitysteve

        Are we really going to sit here and act like the Gurley situation was all on McGarity? Richt threw him under the bus, too. You’re talking about the guy who actively discouraged the bag men, when literally everyone else was all systems go, and all we had to do was circle the wagons and plead the fifth. I’m not defending McGarity’s actions at all, but this probably isn’t the particular cross we need to try to nail him to.


    • Harold Miller

      He just can’t help but assume the position.

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    • artistformerlyknownasbman

      McGarity was the conference cuckold.

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    • Migraine Boy

      Loathsome administrator. Low-T, do nothing, beta male


  2. When “Anywhere, any place, any time” goes limp.

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  3. Terry McCullers

    As RR would say FTMF!!

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  4. D.N. Nation

    McGarity watched Office Space and rooted for Lumbergh.

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  5. MagnusDawgus

    Once again, poor Greg was just an innocent bystander. And he is full of shit, as usual – there were some good to near great teams at UGA during his tenure. McGarity thought that his only job was to prostrate himself to a toothless NCAA by throwing great players under the bus so that he could be home by 6 pm with his pipe and slippers, all the while patting himself on the back for the great moral stand he had taken.

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    • californiadawg

      “ there were some good to near great teams at UGA during his tenure.” No thanks to him.

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      • Down Island Way

        THIS! Not gonna’ sit here and say this or that concerning Mark Richt and his style nor any other UGA HC during mcgarity’s time as UGA AD, will sit here and speak to mcgarity’s lack of management style, fore sight, protecting, promoting all UGA athletic program’s, the UGA brand, those student athletes who to this day, maybe the rest of their lives, rep the “G” with pride and integrity…won’t honor him with a #FTMF (reserved for hogtown crowd) but a very disappointing performance for a UGA grad, so he’ll rate a Friday, “Just Suck It”!…at least Damon Evans went down in flames, mcgarity just went down…

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Worst AD ever. Fuck that guy.

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  7. RangerRuss

    I can’t imagine being such a spineless, nutless bowl of plain rice.

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  8. They could’ve put the Dawgs on ESPN9Kazakhstan+ and Greg wouldn’t have cared as long as the reserve fund stayed fat. It’s amazing any of our programs won anything at all with his apathetic loser mentality.

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  9. ugafidelis

    You’ve got to remember that when these decisions were being discussed, Greg would be at the snack table. With a month full of Wavy Lay’s and French Onion dip he’d hear, *Is that ok with you Greg?” To which he’d give a nod and a mid chew, “Mm-Hm.”

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  10. theoriginalspike

    I’m still pissed off about us getting screwed with Auburn getting two home games in a row. Those assholes owe us! Thanks Greg and the SEC!

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  11. He’s so full of crap.

    I want him to show up on the turf of Sanford once, so I can boo him unmercifully.

    The worst. I’ll never forget what a spineless weasel he was at Richt’s closing press conference.

    Truly FTMF.

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  12. Bulldawg Bill

    You forgot, “Hapless”!!


  13. winodawg

    Nice cowardly way of him to take shots at Coach Richt.

    Fuck That MotherFucker

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    • originaluglydawg

      Yeah..what an asshole.
      No telling how successful CMR would have been with a little support from that empty suit.
      CRM is classy man. He even paid staff bonuses out of his own pocket.

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  14. 79dawg

    “We weren’t good” is 100% Grade-A BS! We may not have been “great”, but the only time we possibly “weren’t good” while Greg was AD was maybe 2009 after we’d lost Stafford, and 2016 turning the battleship around….
    We play a lot of noon games because of cupcakes, crappy annual opponents like Vandy, Kentucky/SCar and Missouri, and Trek. That is almost half the schedule you can pencil in as nooners (if we get lucky, maybe 1 or 2 get moved to night) before the season even begins. And – as we all know – Greg never had anything to do with schedules folks…. What BS!

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    • He talks like he had no control. I thought I read that he once said we volunteered to take the noon slot because that’s what our big donors and the administration wanted.


    • uga93

      Agreed, keeping it to McGarity’s years with Richt (2010 – 15), we averaged about 9 1/2 wins a year, with four of those six years being 10 win or more seasons. Not elite, but not bad. “We weren’t good” seems like an insult to Richt.

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      • whb209

        When Coach Richt won that second SEC Champ. he should have gone into the AD’s office and demanded that money be spent on the football team and if McGarity did not go alone with this demand Coach Richt should have quite on the spot. Coach Richt was the hottest coach in college football at that time and could have gone anywhere. McGarity would have to give him almost anything he wanted. If he (McGarity) could have gotten it through the thick heads of the AA Association that Mark meant business. The ass holes in the AA that ran the reserve fund might have balked and we would have lost a great coach.

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  15. KornDawg

    Someone on twitter did the research, I can’t find it now, and UGA had a disproportionately higher number of noon kickoffs to the rest of the conference. McGarity is full of shit, which isn’t really news. If it was because “we weren’t good,” than why wasn’t every Vandy game at noon?

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  16. PTC DAWG

    You’re either Elite, or not.


    • My wife still talks about this maxim. Says every time she heard CKS say it she thought it sounded like “You’re either Late, or you’re not.” So now she says it every time we’re running late to something.

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    • Greg McGarity had zero to do with that. He was the one who refused to build the IPF. He was the one who suspended AJ Green after it was apparent he hadn’t been in South Florida. He was the one who suspended Todd Gurley for doing something others were doing and telling the NCAA to go to hell. He was the one who let our facilities across multiple sports go to hell. He was the one who hired all of those awful coaches who took great programs and ran them into the ground. He is the one who hired Tom Crean to make our basketball program beyond horrible. He was the one who would go blabbing to Mark Bradley to protect himself.

      Finally, he was the one who wanted to hire Dopey/Goofy Dan MuLLLLet instead of Kirby Smart.

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  17. charlottedawg

    I need to start doing the mcgarity at work, not just with my boss but clients

    Client “wtf??? Why did you tell the buyer they were our only offer and we would sell at any price??? This offer is at least 30% below market and HALF of what my competitor got for his business!!!! And to add insult to injury the terms and consideration are truly awful!!! You’re hired to be our advocate and negotiate on our behalf!!”

    Me “yeah, that’s crazy but what are you gonna do?? Nothing we could have done to prevent that unfortunately, especially since we’re selling such a crappy business, namely yours. c’est la vie!! Anyways, go ahead and sign here to accept their offer, my invoice for my services will be in the mail. Toodles”

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  18. Gaskilldawg

    That Son of a Bitch ran the athletic program for every season beginning in 2010 through 2020. That means he was in charge for the season in which “we weren’t very good” and he did nothing to make us “very good,” except in 2015 when he said “Yes sir ” to a group of boosters who told him they would lead a movement to fire his ass unless he replaced Richt with Smart and gave Smart all the resources Smart said he needed.
    In other words, the “not very good ” seasons were his responsibility. f7

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  19. Dawglicious

    Here’s my Bulldog Hall of Shame Mt Rushmore exhibit:

    Mikey Adams
    Greg McGiggity
    Jan Kemp


  20. David Chadwick

    FTMF. He was stealing money from his employer and was abetted by people he reported to who accepted his bullshit.


  21. Russ

    This guy played tennis for Magill. Bulldog Dan is surely spinning in his grave right now.


  22. You just had to bring up the @Auburn in consecutive seasons travesty.


  23. Equally culpable is the portion of Georgia fans and boosters who were on the Jeremy Pruitt train. I can’t imagine where this program would be with McGarity and Pruitt running the football program.


  24. Munsoning

    McGarity was a trailblazer. He was openly shitting on his teams and coaches, and caring only about money long before the other ADs were doing it.


  25. jim1886

    What a ass____.


  26. dawgsaregods

    What the FUCK is McGarity’s problem? While perhaps not the superpower it is today, UGA during his tenure was probably the second- or third-best program in the SEC as measured by wins, high-level bowl appearances, top-1o finishes, etc. McGarity makes it sound like we were Mississippi State.


  27. uga97

    McSpineless placing more external blame for getting raked over the coals & walked on again, yep par for his course. Hope he’s enjoying those Noon floods in his back yard golf club today.


  28. I wonder if we could band together and sue his ass? Senator, do you know any good lawyers?


  29. Odontodawg

    I have nothing else to say but f!$k McGarity. He’s essentially admitting that he failed as an AD based on his comments about the program without realizing any perceived shortcomings on his part. Look in the mirror, my man. Isn’t it fun to point to others to blame when you fail?


  30. Odontodawg

    “And there was nothing I could do.” Yes, of course, what could the athletic director possibly do?

    Ugggh. I want to vomit.

    And I hope he has a viagra prescription for his limp dick.