Now this is how you putdown.

Dana Holgorsen, with maybe the greatest response to a fan on a radio call in show:

“… definitely some perceived deficiencies” deserved every bit of “… and do not bring up that man’s name ever again” it got in response.  Dana, you go, girl.


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10 responses to “Now this is how you putdown.

  1. After everything that went on right under his nose at Baylor, I’m quite content to see Briles get dragged mercilessly at every opportunity.

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  2. gobblinglawyer

    Butch Jones out there looking for 5* hearts when all he needed was 1* ankles. I’ll be damned…

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  3. GATA Dana. Good on you my man.

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  4. archiecreek

    from the cradle of corches….
    Valdosta State Blazers!!!

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  5. pedropossum

    Now if there was only a supermodel looking for male pattern baldness and a weak chin.

    Calf ankle separation is a real thing. It used to the first thing a buddy of mine would look at prior to dating a girl seriously. Pte you know. Potential to expand for those out of the game for a while.

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