Reliving his greatest hits

This simultaneously impressed and amused me.

I’m not gonna argue with him, that’s for sure.



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15 responses to “Reliving his greatest hits

  1. D.N. Nation

    The catch in the natty is lowkey underrated for just how huge it was. Until then, the offense was going nowhere and Stet had enormous yips. After that, felt like we were gonna hang with the Tide.

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  2. Geezus

    One of the comments on the tweet cracked me up. “He should try catching the easy ones too”


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  3. MGW

    So many great offensive players that have come through Georgia have lost so much playing time to injuries and suspensions.

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  4. jim1886

    If only he had been healthy here AND Monken was here

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  5. Russ

    Sure hate we didn’t get to fully use his talents. He’s still a DGD in my book for sticking around last season. His diving catch jump started our offense in the NC game.

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  6. Illini84

    Practice, practice. . . !


  7. SenorLorenzo

    I was just thinking about how if just this past year he had been healthy all season, the Dawgs might have won the….uh, wait, nevermind.

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