Dude, what have you done for me lately?

Welp, it didn’t take long for Georgia folks to go from hailing Todd Monken as a genius to this:

I’m sure he deeply appreciates the insight.  Y’all feel free to school Monken in the comments.


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62 responses to “Dude, what have you done for me lately?

  1. Dawgfan1995

    As a long-time armchair offensive coordinator, I have a detailed plan to fix Georgia’s offensive woes in the red zone. Follow along with this thread… (1/104)

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  2. Execute on early downs. Don’t commit stupid penalties that put the offense behind the chains.

    There’s nothing wrong with the plays being called.

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  3. mwodieseldawg

    Just tell them not to turn the ball over. Geez, how hard can it be?

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  4. From CKS’ Tues press conference:

    On targeting Darnell Washington in the red zone…

    “We’ve called several plays in those situations for him. Some of them are based on a look, and some of them are based on a protection. There are plays built for a guy to be a red zone target, and he certainly is that. I you miss a protection, miss a certain guy, or you miss a coverage, it can go some routes. There are doubles on guys in the interior. One of the calls was to him on the play that Brock made against South Carolina, but the look they gave us dictated to go to Brock. There have been several like that, but he is certainly a weapon that we get to use.”

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  5. cowetadawg

    We want the same thing: Bowers, Washington and Edwards running over Barners effectively and repeatedly. I trust in Monken to work out the details.


  6. MagnusDawgus

    He was open for a TD in the red zone against Mizzou, Stetson overthrew him.

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  7. CB

    I’ve been thinking this since last year. Not as a way to improve offensive production, but mainly because I wanted to see our 6’7 TE make LBs look like children. Plus, he deserves more TDs with the way he blocks people into the dirt.

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  8. I do believe that our coaches use games to install and experiment with different looks, and given the competition since Oregon, if Monken is going to use 13 packages he’s going to employ it when he sees fit. I also think they are seeking the OL’a identity right now as that unit has looked schizophrenic in the past few games, and scheme or not, we ain’t doing shit if the roadgraders are shut down or if we can’t pass pro when they decide to go man coverage and bring six on a blitz. He’s a genius, but he can’t put extra guys on the field either.

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  9. bulldogbry

    The thought of Monken sitting quietly in a fold up chair, while listening to an Al Bundy/Polk High hero drone on about how to improve the offense absolutely cracks me up. “Tell me more about this tight end position you speak of”……

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  10. Until the OL can hold up without having to keep him in, it’s going to to tough to get him as involved as we want.

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  11. Monken is fantastic, and I’m thrilled he’s the OC, but he had a bad half, and that’s okay. Even All-Stars have off days. I do think he’s over-thinking the approach in the red zone. UGA has two unicorn players in 19 and 0. They should be the focus inside the 20 (hell… they should be the focus anywhere).

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    • PeachPit

      While I agree they are the perfect guys to focus on, defenders also think the same. There might have to be another plan or 3.


      • But that’s overthinking. When you have genuinely dynamic talents, you get them the ball no matter what. Cooper Cupp at the Rams is a perfect example. The entire stadium knows he’s getting the ball. Devonta Smith at Bama fits that category. You don’t have to overthink in college when you have 6-4, 230 and they don’t.

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        • PeachPit

          Point taken, we will see how it plays out.

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          • Odontodawg

            You accepted someone else might have a different opinion than you without defaming or belittling them. That level of maturity is not welcome here. /s

            I salute you.

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        • JoeDashDawg

          I’ll swear on my grandpappys grave that DaVonta Smith was a witch/Warlock/Voodoo Master during his time at Bama. At minimum once per game he somehow made the defense forget about him. Never seen a Heisman contender get 15 yards behind a defense that should have been double teaming him so consistently.

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  12. Granthams Replacement

    If anyone thinks Monken doesn’t know how to call plays just shut the fuck up.

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  13. Ran A

    This was execution – not scheme or play-calling. But we all have our pet peeves. Would have liked a couple of shots down the field with Smith. 🙂


  14. My ass sits firmly in the armchair and I am ready to take charge. First off Monken, stop turning the ball over ok? We can’t have that. Secondly, make all the throws and see all the open players. We can’t have sub par vision or inaccuracy. Thirdly you need to block better to give our QB better vision and accuracy. Fourthly, you need to call plays in the red zone that go to Big O no matter what coverage look you get. Fithley (that is a word now), I need you to create more turnovers on defense.

    Thanks that is all.

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  15. originaluglydawg

    Monken’s work has been excellent and we don’t need to F with him.
    The problem is not play calling. It isn’t lack of player talent. It isn’t lack of conditioning.
    The problem is poor execution and focus.
    Very fixable and should improve as the team matures. But it’s taken a step backwards for two games and needs to go forward from here on.
    I don’t think that’s in any way on Monken’s back.
    Maybe CKS should turn Coach Boom loose on the offense and let him read them the riot act from the D’s perspective and be the lead in motivating them.
    But probably as of today, the wailing and gnashing of teeth is calming and they are all focused on kicking the next Tiger ups’ ragged ass.
    I’ve been overly critical of the offenses’ mindset.
    I think they will have learned a lot in the last few days.
    Betting the MO game is a turning point and the Dawgs will take care of Auburn.
    Hunker’ um down!!

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  16. DawgStats

    These comments are gold. Gives me faith in humanity… ok not really we are fucked as a civilization, but these are still great

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  17. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I mean, he’s not wrong. Why isn’t Washington running nothing but post patterns, like Tony Gonzalez used to run, inside the red zone? Just alley oop to Washington to where only he can catch it.

    It makes too much sense not to.

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  18. Russ

    I do wish they targeted Big 0 more often. One of the times Bowers was targeted in the RZ last week, Bennett had to get rid of it so quickly Bowers wasn’t ready for the pass. Monken needs to improve the pass protection.


  19. 123 Fake St

    Three things:
    1. You’re doing a great job. Don’t ever leave.
    2. Tell 6’2” 230 lb Kendall Milton to stop dancing in the backfield and pound the pigskin.
    3. I’m looking forward to the bunch formations with two TE and AD Mitchell with Arian Smith going long on the other end of the line.

    Ps: you’re doing a great job. Don’t ever leave. 🥰💕💙💕🥰

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  20. pedropossum

    Darnell is likely still asleep dreaming of breaking bitches and making them never want to play him again.

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  21. Illini84

    Brandon Adams tried that shit on Stinchcomb Monday and got his ass handed to him (in a very polite way).


  22. RangerRuss

    “You ever hear the saying, you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. You run into assholes all day? You’re the asshole.”
    -Some asshole from West Virginia

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  23. jsteph1967

    There is not a football fanbase in America that does not rail against the O-Coordinator at some point. Bobo led the best Offense UGA ever had until Monken and people thought he ate crayons.

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  24. benco04

    To be fair, most coaches know that you counter big athletic d-linemen using gap schemes and fast flowing LBs and safeties with zone schemes. That Monken (and Bennett pre snap) took so long to change protection schemes in our run game seems to run counter (pun intended) to what Kirby had said about Mizzou’s d-line all week.

    Monken is a genius. Monken had a bad half. Two things can be true at once.

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  25. Comin' Down The Track

    Wait ’til they hear what Mike Bobo is up to these days. 😆


  26. whybotherdude

    Dear Monken,
    Run the ball more and throw the ball more.
    Thank you for attending my coaching seminar.

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  27. spur21

    After much study I have concluded – UGA gives big $$$ to someone that knows WTF he is doing. UGA doesn’t send me any $$$ for my opinion so I’ll sit back and watch the master at work.


  28. Morris Day

    Todd Monken ain’t got time for this shit!

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  29. W Cobb Dawg

    Nothing wrong with Monken’s playcalling that better OL play wouldn’t fix.


  30. Munsoning

    What to some of us seems easy–just chuck it up there and 0’ll grab it!–D coordinators get paid crazy money to make difficult. A play that was supposed to get 0 the ball got it to 19, instead. Trust the Monken.