Trolling in Lexington

Meanwhile, from somewhere in the middle reaches of the SEC’s Eastern Division comes this:


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22 responses to “Trolling in Lexington

  1. theotherdoug

    His players love him.

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  2. southgadawg1

    I’ve got no problem with this. His players loved it. He looks dumb but I think he knows he looks dumb. He doesn’t take himself too seriously to do something like this and I would say that’s good.

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  3. Ted Lasso Jr. He’ll be a hit in Liverpool.

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  4. The little fella is starting to grow on me…USC lite is scrappy…

    Stoops is coming off as too stodgy and slightly arrogant…not a good look

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  5. muttleyagain

    If we ever find ourselves head to head with the Choked Chickens for a recruit, just show the kid this and tell him: “This is them celebrating an unexpected win over Kentucky. In Football. Questions?”

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  6. archiecreek

    Nothing warms my heart more than the bluepussycats going down in defeat, at home, no less.
    I didn’t see the end of the game. Did that gotdamn Youngstown Yankee carpetbagger call a timeout with 4 seconds left??
    Go Beamer, troll is carpetbagging a$$!!
    PS. Go to hell Auburn!!

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  7. I know that Beamer and Kirby may have some kind of as-yet-unexplained beef, but I can’t hate on Shane. Seems like kind of a goofball who doesn’t take himself too seriously and has developed a good rapport with his guys. Would laugh my ass off if he manages to get the better of the self-righteous prick running the show at their in-state rival.

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  8. D as in Dawg

    Good for him.


  9. Texas Dawg

    Were those “Cheap Sunglasses”?
    Could you see Kirby ever doing that?


  10. practicaldawg

    Get ready, America. Gamecock football is back.


  11. I really do like Beamer. He talks a lot, but a lot of what he says seems genuine. He throws some pretty good shade at others when warranted. He’s been gracious in the 2 Ls we’ve handed him. His players seem to enjoy playing for him.

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  12. Missy State has replaced KY on my worried-about list.

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    • The Truth

      True. UK has now replaced Miss St as the trap game for me. Get jacked up for the 2 big wins we need vs UT and MSU and then sleepwalk against a “less good than expected” UK team at the end of that stretch.


  13. Munsoning

    Stoops needs to lighten up, but I think Levis is the problem. That dude has let the hype go to his head. He’s either tying to play hero ball or mouthing off to opposing fans on the sideline. Dude isn’t that good and seems like a douche. And he puts mayo in his coffee. Once he hits the road, UK football will be in a better place.

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  14. MGW

    Dude looks like he’s about to go coach some English soccer.