Monday ticket exchange

It’s Vanderbilt, but folks still have ticket wants and needs.  Share what you’ve got or what you’re looking for in the comments.


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30 responses to “Monday ticket exchange

  1. Looking for 4 Vandy Tickets and/or a parking pass. Thanks!


  2. Remember the Quincy

    Looking ahead, I need three tix to the Mississippi State game. Anyone know what section(s) the visitor tickets are in? I’m wanting to go ahead and buy them online but would prefer to be among friends, if you know what I mean.


  3. Briggy1981

    Looking for a Carlton deck Parking Pass. Taking my son to his first game and we will be tailgating close by.

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  4. Michael Flinn

    I still have two Ky tickets in Ga allotted section Section 211 Row 33. asking $250 each.
    email f l i double n g at gmail.


    • Sweet D

      Not for nothing, but you got f l i double n at gmail? No extra numbers or crazy symbols? You must have a quick trigger finger, well done sir.

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      • D as in Dawg

        I was thinking the same thing. 🤣


      • ugafidelis

        I’ve got one that’s just my name @yahoo. A young buddy of mine said once, “you must have had that email address for a long time.” I told him that I had to create it when I first started college in ’97. Then I realized that was really a long time ago in internet years.


  5. Hamp Tanner

    I have two available for Vandy. Section L 127, Row 53, Seats 13 and 14. $75 each. If interested, hit me up –> hamptanner
    at hamptanner period com.


  6. winodawg

    Looking for 3 for Kentucky please.


  7. statesborodawg

    I’ll go ahead and put the word out that I am looking for 2 to Kentucky.


  8. Michael Flinn

    I haver two Section 211 Row 33. asking $250 each.


  9. Jeff Hair

    I’ve got 2 tickets to Vandy I’m not using. Section 121, Row 50, Seats 23 & 24. $100 each. Let me know if interested. I have to transfer them via the app.


  10. Blake Adams

    I have 2 in section 302, Row 6, Seats 3&4
    $75 each


  11. Granthams Replacement

    4 Georgia- Kentucky tickets together in Georgia section.

    Sec 209 row 33 7-10.


    text 678-485 -five one nine three


  12. watcher16

    2 tickets for Vandy, Section 117, Row 23, Seats 9 & 10.

    $100 for the pair


  13. winodawg

    Got 2 for sale for Vandy.

    Sec 329, row 21.