SEC Net YPP, Week Six

A Saturday of all-conference action should lead to some significant sorting out, and it appears it did.

  • Alabama 3.72 (7.49 o; 3.77 d) [NC:  -.53]
  • Georgia 2.63 (7.24 o; 4.61 d) [NC:  +.09]
  • Ole Miss 2.34 (6.91 o; 4.56 d) [NC:  +.35]
  • Tennessee 2.03 (7.21 o; 5.18 d) [NC:  -.20]
  • Florida 1.58 (7.29 o; 5.71 d) [NC:  -.01]
  • Mississippi State .89 (6.31 o; 5.42 d) [NC:  -.26]
  • South Carolina .75 (6.00 o; 5.25 d) [NC:  +.06]
  • Kentucky .61 (5.69 o; 5.08 d) [NC:  -.35]
  • LSU .60 (5.87 o; 5.27 d) [NC: -.53]
  • Texas A&M .50 (5.65 o; 5.15 d) [NC:  -.41]
  • Missouri .32 (5.52 o; 5.20 d) [NC:  -.27]
  • Auburn .26 (5.56 o; 5.30 d) [NC:  -.27]
  • Arkansas -.30 (6.18 o; 6.48 d) [NC: +.13]
  • Vanderbilt -1.05 (5.83 o; 6.88 d) [NC: -.65]

Turnover margin:

  • +5:  Tennessee
  • +4:  Mississippi State
  • +3:  LSU, Vanderbilt
  • +2:  Georgia
  • +1:  Ole Miss
  • -0-:  Florida, Texas A&M
  • -1:  Missouri
  • -2:  Arkansas
  • -3:  Kentucky
  • -6:  Alabama, South Carolina
  • -9:  Auburn


  • The way it breaks for now:  four teams in the top tier (+2 net ypp), Florida, seven between 0 and 1 and two in the red.
  • Tennessee is getting good play and that turnover margin number makes them dangerous.
  • Mississippi State is similar, although not quite on the same level as the Vols.
  • I keep repeating myself, but when Arkansas doesn’t have turnover margin on its side, it doesn’t have much.
  • Vanderbilt is beginning its statistical descent into being Vanderbilt.


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7 responses to “SEC Net YPP, Week Six

  1. gotthepicture

    I’m kind of amazed Florida is where they are in YPP. But for my money there are 3 teams you don’t want to play: Tennessee, Ole Miss and Bama. However, if you were to play Bama, last Saturday was the week to play them, unless Young is out for more games.

    Miss St is probably the next team up on that list, but after that, it’s a bunch of very flawed to poor teams.

    As far as UGA is concerned, basically, IMO it comes down to 3 main things:
    1. Getting AD Mitchell or a serious receiving threat that can go deep and put pressure on the opponents CBs & Ss.
    2. Getting the OL consistent so the pass & run blocking is on-point and giving Stetson time and RBs holes.
    3. Reducing the bonehead plays on D, because they play really good and then let something happen that wipes away a lot of their hard work.

    When those happen, we can and should beat any team we play.

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  2. David K

    Florida’s offense numbers are surprising. 2nd best in the conference. Their defense is awful.

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  3. moe pritchett

    Help me if I’m wrong, but I really think the next 2-3 games separate the men from the boys. I’m just don’t believe most of these first 5-6 games represent who these teams are. Vawls for example have played well, but their competition doesn’t impress. Bama the same thing. Even UGA; Saturday it almost appeared that Monken was playing with his food.
    I guess that’s just my tinfoil hat working.


  4. I am legitimately worried about Tennessee, on the other hand, I watched Pitt outplay them and lose bc of injuries.

    I think they are the ultimate chaos team, and they want you to try to match their frantic energy.

    If you can remain calm and methodically punch them in the face, I think they’re a different beast.

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  5. practicaldawg

    Alabama’s net YPP seems less correlated with schedule dominance this year. They could have easily lost to Texas and TAMU by the same margin they won those games by, and their net YPP would be about the same.


  6. Bama’s stats bolstered by cupcakes. I wonder what YPP looks like when those are taken out for all teams.

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