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Today, in stereotypes

The only thing that would make that purer would be if Lulu and Junior joined him.


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Must see TV?

This could go in several different directions.

But I think we can all agree on which particular one would be the most entertaining, right?


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One question upon seeing this clip…

Has UGA ever trotted out a more formidable pair to return a kickoff than Hastings and Hearst?


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Moar Vandy thoughts

The amount of Vanderbilt football I’ve watched this season is minuscule at most.  The impressions I’ve gleaned of the ‘Dores so far come from stats and box scores.  Fortunately, Graham’s done the observational leg work in prepping for his preview of Saturday’s game ($$).  I’ve read it and reached one basic conclusion:  Vandy’s stats and box scores don’t lie.  This is a well coached team with a pulse on offense and a defense that has struggled against quality opposition.

Offensively, they have good skill position players at quarterback, running back and wideout.  Their offensive line, though, is a mess, so one thing to look for tomorrow is whether Georgia’s defensive front seven continues the roll they got on last week against Auburn’s mess of an offensive line.

Graham says the Vanderbilt secondary is the worst one Georgia has faced this season.  That brings up an interesting decision for Todd Monken.  As Graham puts it,

Earlier in the Kirby era this might have been a game where Georgia attempted only 10-12 passes. The offensive identity of this team is much more balanced and Monken seems committed to running a passing game that is higher volume and fully modernized. Stetson Bennett might have a nagging shoulder injury, but with they bye ahead and this offense coming off of two straight rough first halves I think we will see Georgia air it out.

Eh, maybe.  I, too, doubt that they’ll limit Stetson to ten attempts, but I don’t know that I’d expect to see 30+ attempts out of him, either.  (His season low in attempts is 30, against South Carolina.)  Partially, that’s out of concern for his banged up shoulder, but after the way we saw the running game get untracked against Auburn, it’s hard not to want to keep that particular ball rolling for another week.  What I wouldn’t be surprised to see is a deliberate attempt by Monken to work on the downfield passing game, particularly as Arian Smith continues to get back up to game speed.

The other question I wait to see an answer on is where this team’s head is at.  Are we about to see a fourth straight game with a slow start, or does Georgia take charge earlier?



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Never had it so good

Stat of the day:

The Bulldogs are 6-0 for the fourth time in seven seasons under Kirby Smart. Prior to that, Georgia started 6-0 just four times from 1972 to 2015.

The latter stretch includes Georgia’s two winningest coaches.  And Herschel Walker.


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Battle of the broadcast partners

This is from Dennis Dodd, so take it with an appropriately sized grain of salt.

Though there was a belief that Texas and Oklahoma may have been attempting to exit the Big 12 one year early in 2024, sources told Dodd that Fox would likely have demanded years of significant television inventory trades from ESPN as the marquee programs would have left its airwaves. That’s beyond what would have been a potentially massive early exit fee the programs would have needed to pay the Big 12 directly.

Fox and ESPN being as petty as their respective conferences are with each other?  I’d like to believe that’s true.  It’s the romantic in me.


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Nice work, if you can get it.

USA Today compiled a list of the top 5 most overpaid coaches in college football today.  See if you can guess who’s there without peeking first.


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