Battle of the broadcast partners

This is from Dennis Dodd, so take it with an appropriately sized grain of salt.

Though there was a belief that Texas and Oklahoma may have been attempting to exit the Big 12 one year early in 2024, sources told Dodd that Fox would likely have demanded years of significant television inventory trades from ESPN as the marquee programs would have left its airwaves. That’s beyond what would have been a potentially massive early exit fee the programs would have needed to pay the Big 12 directly.

Fox and ESPN being as petty as their respective conferences are with each other?  I’d like to believe that’s true.  It’s the romantic in me.


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17 responses to “Battle of the broadcast partners

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, but at least Fox and ESPN don’t lie about it being about the money.

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  2. Anon

    Why the Sam Hill is UGA/Vandy on same time as Tenn/Bama?

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  3. Russ

    What’s to become of the Longwhoren Network?


  4. Dennis Dodd- the only sports journalist I’ve ever unfollowed on Twitter. Some of the most insufferable takes I’ve ever seen. He’s up there with the guy from USA Today but can’t remember his name. I think it was one of his CTE takes that was it for me.

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  5. Odontodawg

    That’s quite a run-on sentence. At least that’s what my fourth grade teacher told me.