Must see TV?

This could go in several different directions.

But I think we can all agree on which particular one would be the most entertaining, right?


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24 responses to “Must see TV?

  1. I bet I can even get my girlfriend to watch this. She’s a huge true crime fan.

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    • Down Island Way

      Only entertainment FU can give to mine Bulldawg heart is an opportunity to go home and home just one more time, hang fifty or sixty on the shit hole scoreboard in hogtown, proudly give them the California welcome while departing…#FTMF


  2. miltondawg

    Should be entertaining. A gang member murderer, a minister, a coach that allegedly wasn’t the most faithful husband even back then, and rumors of absolutely wild shit going on in Gainesville in those days…guessing that there will be even more that comes out and that this won’t paint Urban in the best light. Can’t wait.

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  3. siskey

    We all knew it way back when. I have since moved on from any moral superiority as it relates to college athletics but I will always hate a hypocrite and Urban was/is one from the jump.

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  4. Texas Dawg

    Will they scratch the surface or dig deep? If they dig deep and lay it bare, will the Nebraska faithful still be pining for Urban Liar? Will the Turd faithful still hold him in reverence? Will this make the Miami teams of the 90’s look like choir boys (as bad as they were, I don’t recall them killing anyone)? This could be fun.


  5. Urban and the Florida program were unbelievably buddy-buddy with ESPN back then.

    There is no doubt in my mind that lots of people knew he was completely full of shit.

    I compare it to Tiger—everyone knew, but no one was going to benefit from saying anything so they all just went along.

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  6. D.N. Nation

    Hoping there’s a few minutes dedicated to Marc Curles obviously trying to set up Florida/LSU ’09 as a top 10 matchup at the behest of SEC HQ.

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    They kicked our ass enough..hard no for me.


  8. Terry McCullers

    Sorry can’t watch a bunch of MF ers


  9. archiecreek

    I have it on good authority that during the 4 (plus or minus) years that football players matriculated at ditch lizard U,
    they were CHOIR BOYS and absolute gentlemen while under the mentorship of Saint Urban the First!!
    Just ask Saint Tebow the First.

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  10. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    i hope this isn’t a fluff piece to rebrand urban
    that guy is sandusky evil

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  11. Episode 1: The reinvention of football.

    Ep 2: The Endzone Dance

    Ep 3: Time to Die Bitch!

    Ep 4: The Heart Breaks

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  12. Got Cowdog