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Monday ticket exchange

No game this week, but I do take requests from the comments section, so, if you’re looking to buy or sell for Florida, Tennessee or whatever, make your wishes known in the comments.


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Sign of the Apocalypse

This is friggin’ amazing.

And, yes, I know there’s a very weak correlation between penalties and wins/losses, but when you have seventeen of ’em in a single game, that’s usually gonna leave a mark.  Add to that ‘Bama being 114th nationally in turnover margin and you’ve got the signs of an uncharacteristically undisciplined Saban coached team.  No wonder he lost his shit on the sideline in Knoxville Saturday.



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Your Daily Gator is just sayin’.

Finger pointin’ time, peeps.

11384207.png (2376×1297)

You make the call!


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Losing. It’s what’s for dinner.

This ranks right up there with a dejected Urban Meyer munching on a slice of Papa John’s on a cart:



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Looking ahead

Do I think the staff will be doing some early work prepping for the Tennessee game?  It would be coaching malpractice if they weren’t.

Do I think anyone in this program will be caught looking past Florida in anticipation of the Vols?  Not unless they want to be flayed alive by Kirby “FTMF” Smart.


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This week, in Résumé SP+

I really dig this Bill Connelly metric ($$).

… It is a look at two things: (1) how the average SP+ top five team would be projected to perform against your schedule (in terms of scoring margin) and (2) how your scoring margin compares to (1). Throw in a seven-point penalty for every loss a team has suffered, and you can say that this is what the CFP rankings would look like if SP+ were in charge.

(Note: Because of the high bar teams have to clear in getting compared to an average top-five team, and because of the loss adjustment, almost every team here ends up with a negative score. It is what it is.)

Here is your Résumé SP+ top 15 after seven weeks:

1. Ohio State (6-0): +8.5 PPG
2. Georgia (7-0): +8.3
3. Tennessee (6-0): +0.0
4. Michigan (7-0): -2.0
5. Ole Miss (7-0): -2.9
6. Alabama (6-1): -3.5
7. TCU (6-0): -6.3
8. Clemson (7-0): -8.8
9. Syracuse (6-0): -9.4
10. UCLA (6-0): -11.7
11. UCF (5-1): -13.1
12. USC (6-1): -13.9
13. Texas (5-2): -15.0
14. Illinois (6-1): -16.1
15. Oklahoma State (5-1): -16.4

Two teams, then everybody else.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 7


  1. Georgia.  You didn’t really think I’d put the Vols here, did ‘ya?
  2. Tennessee.  You come at the king, you’d best not miss.  Tennessee didn’t.
  3. Alabama.  If you ever wondered how sloppy and undisciplined a game the Tide would have to play to lose, you just found out.
  4. Ole Miss.  Alone atop the SEC West.
  5. Kentucky.  A good win and I have to admit I now get some of the Levis hype.
  6. LSU.  They may be doing it with smoke and mirrors, but they are tied for second in the West with ‘Bama.
  7. Mississippi State.  They just can’t stand prosperity, can they?
  8. Texas A&M.  Spent the bye week wondering what a functional offense looks like.
  9. Arkansas.  Solid road win against a credible non-conference opponent… although I keep wondering why the Hogs scheduled that game in the first place.
  10. Florida.  Not particularly good, not particularly bad, the Gators are the SEC’s most meh team.
  11. South Carolina.  At 4-2, the ‘Cocks look bowl eligible with Mizzou and Vandy ahead, but have the chance to do a little more damage than that before reality checks in with the brutal two-game finish.
  12. Auburn.  In their last two games, the Tigers have given up 740 rushing yards.  Jeebus.
  13. Missouri.  Used the bye week to get excited thinking about beating Vanderbilt.
  14. Vanderbilt.  The ‘Dores have fallen down and they can’t get up.


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Best wins and #1

There’s a lot of that kind of thinking on social media right now, and I’m not here to mock it.  You beat a Nick Saban team in the regular season to go 6-0, you’ve done something pretty damned special.

But I do have a question.  If the Georgia team that demolished Oregon played the Tennessee team that beat ‘Bama, who wins?


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Winners win.

Losers complain about the refs.


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Urnge humor




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