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Getting their best shot

I totally get where Seth ($$) is coming from with this:

It’s weird. Alabama played poorly at times and committed a ton of penalties yet still had a chance to win the game on a field goal. On the other hand, Tennessee looked like the better team for most of the game. That win was not a fluke, and as my colleague David Ubben pointed out Monday, the Vols don’t have a one-dimensional team. They are ranked in the top 10 in run defense. Their pass defense is a legitimate weakness. But is it a fatal flaw when the offense is so great? Alabama has the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and couldn’t outscore Tennessee.

The win was not a fluke.  Tennessee outplayed Alabama for much of the game.  But there’s outplayed and then there’s outplayed.  This wasn’t a case of Tennessee’s “A” game being superior to Alabama’s “A” game; it was more like a case of UT’s “A” game besting the Tide’s “C+” game.  As Seth notes, a little better game management at the end, and it’s likely we’d all be talking about another narrow escape for Saban’s team.

What does that mean for Georgia when the Vols come calling in three weekends?  The Dawgs have certainly been guilty of trotting out their “C+” game on occasion this season.  What was good enough in Columbia, Missouri very likely won’t be good enough against Tennessee.  I think Georgia is the better team, but I thought the same of Alabama.



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My Week 7 Mumme Poll ballot

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

In the wake of the ‘Bama loss, I thought about blowing everything up and completely changing my approach to my ballot, but, nah, that doesn’t change the fact that there are two teams still head and shoulders above everybody else.


  • Georgia
  • Ohio State

Less than five minutes, obviously.


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Stat of the moment

A week or two ago, Kirby Smart was asked at a presser about the time of possession stat.  He (correctly) downplayed its importance, citing the number of plays each team runs in a game as being more relevant.

Georgia is currently second in the country in time of possession, for what that’s worth.  But here’s something far more interesting to consider.  Last season’s national championship team ran 952 plays and defended 969, an average of -1.13 plays per game.  This season’s team has run 508 offensive plays and defended 390, an average of +16.86 plays per game.

When the man tells you something’s important, you’d best pay attention.


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Coming attractions

Shit’s about to get really real, Dawg fans. Four straight conference games, starting with our most hated rival, followed by what should be one of the biggest home games we’ve ever seen, finished with two road games against ranked conference opponents.

Enjoy the ride!




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Player development

I was hoping someone captured this clip, because I saw it live and was duly impressed.

It damn sure was his third read.  Yeah, his line delivered him plenty of time to do so, but I’m not sure last season’s Beck would have been that patient.


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The playoff’s the thing

You know, there was a time when Tennessee’s win over ‘Bama would be appreciated in the context of the rivalry and how it impacted the SEC race.

Not anymore, bubba.

They  just can’t help themselves, our national media.


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Getting back in the swing of things

Buried behind the deadlines…

No, he didn’t have a catch (although he broke open deep on a play when Bennett was looking for him, but was sacked before he could get a throw off), but it’s encouraging as hell to see his game readiness improve so quickly.

By the way, check out the thread to that tweet to see which previous game Smith surpassed in snaps.


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This time he **really** means it.

My goodness.

“Can’t continue”?  So… exactly how long has he been tolerating those players?


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