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“It’s not necessary. It shouldn’t happen.”

In response to Greg Sankey’s “hey, I’m just asking” take on March Madness expansion, Seth Emerson writes a piece ($$) in which he argues that what’s good for the college football playoff goose isn’t good for the college basketball tournament gander.

… Expansion in basketball seeks to solve a nonexistent problem.

Football playoff expansion was a visionary move by Sankey, whose conference was dominating the current system, but he realized it was for the greater good of the sport. And everyone’s pocketbooks, of course. But it legitimately is good for the future of the sport.

Basketball tournament expansion would be the opposite. Maybe it would get a few more dollars in the television contract, but in the long run, it would threaten to dilute interest in a marquee event.

I’m not going to waste time disputing his opinion regarding CFP expansion, because that horse is already outside the barn, but I can’t help wondering why so many people insist that this round of expansion will be it for college football, given that the same people pushing to expand March Madness — remember, they’ve already tried to do that once, only to be rebuffed by the networks, which weren’t willing to pay for it — are also  in charge of the CFP’s future.  And those folks care about one thing, and one thing only.

… The NCAA men’s basketball (and increasingly women’s basketball) Tournament is a cash cow because it transcends normal sports interests. The average American, not just the average sports fan, fills out a bracket and follows along.

Why wouldn’t Sankey and his ilk feel the same way about where to direct the CFP down the road?  And why should any of us believe otherwise?



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“And now Black Friday? Where does it end?”

Ha, ha.  It is to laugh.

Earlier this week, the NFL announced that it would be playing a regular-season game on a new day each year: Black Friday.

For years, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has been a post-holiday smorgasbord of college football. In a way, Black Friday belongs to the sport, a fabric of its existence, just like Saturdays in the fall, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

These are traditional college football days.

Well, not anymore.

The NFL continues to encroach on the territory that has for years belonged to its free farm system. Black Friday is only the latest. The NFL starts playing regular-season games on Saturdays in mid-December, has expanded its own playoff to create an additional wild-card game and has started to dominate Thursday nights with the league’s streaming package on Amazon.

All of this has college football executives rightfully stewing as they attempt to schedule eight additional games in an expanded playoff—all the while trying to avoid going head-to-head with America’s No. 1 sport.

“You’re just trying to minimize all the ways the NFL will f— you,” says one top CFP official.

You know what would be a great resource to use to resist that?  Appealing to the regional passions of college football fans… oh, never mind.


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Pretty, pretty good

I’m sensing a pattern here.

I think you catch my drift here.


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Genius move

Stewart Mandel has a piece up today ranking the twelve smartest head coaching hires of the last decade ($$).  Without reading the introduction, I jumped down to scan his list, only to find no mention of Kirby Smart.  How could that be?

But let me be crystal clear in what I mean by “smartest” hires. These are hires who were not on anyone’s list of hot candidates at the time and weren’t obvious choices to anyone other than the athletic director making the hire. In other words, not Ohio State hiring Urban Meyer (no brainer) or Georgia hiring Kirby Smart (highly sought-after alum).

He could have added “forced on the AD by disgruntled donors” in the interest of accuracy, but point taken.  Besides, you know what Occam’s razor would have to say about smartest and Greg McGarity.


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One shining moment

Yes, I know this came in the midst of a depressing 3-18 run, but it’s still one of my all time favorite moments.

Mark Richt got in the heads of every member of Gator Nation, starting with Corch (whom I will forever believe regrets not thinking of a move like that first) and Tebow.  And it was glorious.  

I don’t remember feeling that high at a Florida game again until the first seven and a half minutes of the 2017 Cocktail Party… but that’s a story for another post.

Thanks, Coach.


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“… and our players actually did not know what to do.”

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on in Tuscaloosa?

Sounds like the Tide D is in need of a little coaching up.  What a time to be alive, eh?


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A tradition unlike any other, dog

Tech is down to their last play of the game, trailing Virginia by a touchdown, and their quarterback decides to channel his inner Reggie Ball by doing this:

At Georgia Tech, you can do that.


UPDATE:  Oy, vey.


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