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Fake juice alert!

Vegas would have to care about you for that to be disrespectful, my man.

Besides, I’m not sure how respectful “puncher’s chance” is.



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If you’re not gonna call it the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party…

… there’s only one other way to refer to the game.  Allow Stetson Bennett to demonstrate:

Bless her heart.  I’m going to assume that was her first rodeo.


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Urnge time set

I doubt this will come as a surprise to anyone.


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Save it for later

An announcement:

Seth Emerson ($$) says, per a source, that “this was more about getting ahead of questions for this week because any real discussion on the future location will wait until next year”, which sounds a whole lot like Kirby Smart saying he doesn’t have time for that shit right now.


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Getting in the mood

This never gets old.


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Lack of leverage makes you bold.

Andy Staples‘ “athletic directors do the darnedest things” piece ($$) that uses Jimbo Fisher’s contract with TAMU as its jumping off point is a hoot to read, but Andy buried the lede.

… It was Woodward who fired Sumlin after the 2017 season. By that time, Woodward already had targeted Fisher. He wanted a coach who was a proven national title competitor. A “rare-air coach,” as Woodward termed it while working at Texas A&M.

At the time, only four working coaches had won a national title. Saban, Swinney and Ohio State’s Urban Meyer weren’t going anywhere (as far as anyone knew at the time). That left Florida State’s Fisher, who had been embroiled in conflict for several years with the Seminoles’ administration. Still, despite the issues, Florida State was a very good job. Woodward knew he had no leverage, so he offered Fisher a fully guaranteed, 10-year, $75 million contract. Woodward told me in 2018 that he’d been authorized to offer more, but Fisher accepted that deal.   [Emphasis added.]

What?  Jimmy Sexton left money on the table?  Inconceivable.

Good thing he recouped it when Woodward moved to LSU and used that threat to get the Aggies’ boosters to up the ante.  Useful idiots are useful.


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Dawgrading on the road to the CFP

There’s a certain amount of irony here ($$).

If the Ducks go on to become 12-1 Pac-12 champions, those 13 committee members might be faced with an unprecedented scenario: Would a team that lost its season opener 49-3 to No. 1 Georgia even be allowed in?

… Mullens knows better than anyone the dynamics inside that committee room, and, unsurprisingly, has a different perspective.

“That’s why it’s great to have (former) coaches in that room,” said Mullens, “because they understand the development of a team, the process. And the committee would take into account that that was the first game of a whole new coaching staff as well. To go on the road against the defending national champions — all that gets put on the table.”

Right now, we’re all thrilled by Oregon’s bounce back from the can of whoopass the Dawgs emptied on the Ducks in the opener, because it’s made that game look even stronger from Georgia’s perspective.  But how’s it gonna sound when Oregon goes in there and says it deserves a mulligan because people shouldn’t have expected much from a team with a new coaching staff in its first game?  And worse, what if the selection committee buys it?


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It’s a referee conspiracy, PAWWWLLL!



I know in the vast scheme of things, penalties rank very low in terms of affecting wins and losses, but, still, it’s kind of amazing to see an Alabama team so undisciplined that it’s managed only one game where it racked up less penalties than Georgia averages per game.


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Monday ticket exchange

It’s Cocktail Party Week!  You know there are tickets to be bought and sold.  If you have needs, share them in the comments.  (Remember, please be specific.)


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SEC Power Poll, Week 8

Five conference teams enjoyed bye weeks, but there was still plenty of action to factor in to this week’s version of the SECPP.

  1. Georgia.  With each passing week, that Oregon win looks better and better.
  2. Tennessee.  After blasting a cupcake, the Vols are the only team in the country scoring an average of 50 points a game.
  3. Alabama.  Managed to win a game by twenty-four while gaining less yardage than the opponent.  Old school for the win, baby!
  4. LSU.  The Tigers are the most improved team in the conference from the start of the season.
  5. Ole Miss.  Got exposed on both sides of the ball by LSU.  If you can defend the run, you can break the Laner’s team down.
  6. Kentucky.  The ‘Cats travel to Knoxville this week to get their mettle tested.
  7. Mississippi State.  Scored on the last play of the game to avoid the shutout.
  8. Arkansas.  This week’s recipient of a bye week bounce.
  9. South Carolina.  Shane Beamer: “A month ago, I was asked if this team quit (after Georgia). That look like this team’s quit? We’ve won four straight for the first time since what, 2013?”
  10. Florida.  I’d like to think it’s always third down in Gainesville.
  11. Texas A&M.  Texas A&M’s offense has scored less than 25 points in nine straight games vs FBS teams. The only teams with longer active streaks are Colorado and Rutgers.
  12. Auburn.  Say what you will, but Bryan Harsin’s managed to last longer than Liz Truss did.
  13. Missouri.  The Tigers did everything they could to make a game of it with Vanderbilt.
  14. Vanderbilt.  With Mizzou having been their best shot at a win, it’s hard to see how the ‘Dores avoid another winless conference season.


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