Down for the count

Well, shit.  This ain’t right.

I thought we were supposed to be getting guys back during the bye week.


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17 responses to “Down for the count

  1. dawg100

    Dang. Not the fleetest guy, but very saavy. Dang, again.

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  2. ugafidelis

    Well shiyut.


  3. uga97

    Out for rest of regular season? Any eta on a return for January cfp?

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  4. Doggoned

    I hope he comes back strong. On scholarship.

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  5. godawgs1701

    Damn, not Dirty Dan Jackson. That’s a bigger loss than a casual observer may think. He’s not a starter, but he adds quality depth and he’s also a guy with experience that can get in there and make sure the scheme is set up right. With two of the best passing offenses we’ll be seeing on tap in two and three weeks, I don’t like to lose anyone from the defensive backfield. Hope we’ll still have him on the sidelines to help lead the way.

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  6. Biggen

    This is a kick to the nuts. We are pretty thin at safety. Will be interesting to see what the coaches do here.

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  7. debbybalcer

    I hate that for him. He has been such a leader.

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  8. Ozam

    I know Tykee plays a different position, but his recent snaps are a g-d send.

    Equally important, DJ was a special teams stalwart.

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  9. armydawg

    I know Kirby’s practices are designed to be so hard that the game will seem easy but is that actually causing some of these injuries?


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    First, like everyone else, he’s been a DGD and I hope he heals and comes back. At the same time, Starks has been doing really well. I hate when anyone is injured, but we can cover his spot for right now.


  11. Russ

    Yeah this isn’t good. Our depth will be tested for sure. Hopefully Kirby can come up with some twists on the DL to help protect our DBs, especially with 10RC coming to town.

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  12. Dawg in Austin

    Guessing Tykee and Bullard will now be on the field together instead of sharing time at Star. And the kids will have to get some more reps quickly. Tennessee brutalized Bama’s young DBs.


    • PeachPit

      Gird your loins, Big Dawgs, the best is yet to come. GATA!

      And for you Dan Jackson May you receive a healing miracle. Bones, ouch.