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I appreciate a man who takes pride in his work.

This is great.

So did I.


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When it comes to Florida…

… there are no bad wins.


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“We will honor coach Dooley more next weekend.”

In case you were wondering

The Georgia Bulldogs won’t have time to honor former coach Vince Dooley with their uniforms for Saturday’s game against Florida, according to UGA officials.

There will be this, though.

The Bulldogs already had plans to honor former UGA great Charley Trippi on Saturday with a “62 Trippi” sticker on their helmets, according to John Meshad, director of equipment operations. Trippi, considered the greatest football player in UGA history, died at the age of 100 on Oct. 19 in Athens.



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Your game day post, another Cocktail Party edition

If you’re Florida, you’ve got to be hoping that the hoary cliché about how you can throw out the records for a big rivalry game holds true, because the stats say this game is a bad match for the Gators.

Bonus stat:  UGA is 8th nationally in third down conversions while UF is 130th in opponent third down conversions.

Per Graham ($$), advanced stats tell much the same story.

– We have an efficient UGA Rushing Offense going against the very porous Rushing Defense of Florida. The Dawgs are averaging 6.2 YPC and are 1st in the FBS with a Rushing Success Rate of 59.6%.

– We also have an efficient UGA Passing Offense going against a very porous Florida Passing Defense. UGA’s Passing Down Success Rate is 2nd in the country. When you take into account that UGA is 1st in Offensive Success Rate and Rush Success Rate it tells us that… A) Georgia is rarely off schedule. The Dawgs get good yardage on 1st & 2nd down. B) It also lets us know that Georgia is very good on 3rd & long when they find themselves in them. The book on Stetson Bennett used to be that he wasn’t good on 3rd and long. So far this year he has been better than any QB in college football in those situations.

– We have a Florida is 1st in Rushing Explosiveness in the country. They are going against a good UGA Rushing Defense. UF’s Rushing Success Rate is 45.1%, which isn’t great but also not terrible. When they do bust a run they really bust a run.

– Kentucky, LSU and Missouri are the three teams who have hold UF under a 47% Offensive SR. The Wildcats held the Gators to a 33.9% Success Rate. Mizzou held Florida to a 40.3% Success Rate. Against LSU the Gators put up a 39% Offensive Success Rate.

– Richardson’s Rushing Predicted Points Added (.651) is almost 2x higher than his Passing PPA (.353)… He is much more likely to make big plays with his feet than his arm.

That seems to me to be Job One for the Dawgs today — can they limit the number of explosive runs the Gators make?  If so, it’s hard to see a way in which Florida doesn’t go down big.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  Florida’s top three rushers, including Richardson, all average better than six yards per carry.  What that success rate stat that Graham cites suggests is that the Gators’ ground game is sort of feast or famine in terms of results.  Maintaining contain and keeping Richardson in the pocket will be crucial.

Georgia should be able to move the ball against this Florida defense.  I have a hard time believing that Monken won’t be coming in with an effective game plan he’s installed over the bye week.  The Gators have struggled to defend the run and the pass all season.

But — and here’s where the aforementioned hoary cliché steps in — I look at those stats and the first thing that comes to mind is this debacle.  No, I don’t expect Anthony Richardson to only attempt six passes, but if you look at his game log, in three of Florida’s four wins, he attempted less than 19 passes.  If the Gators are going to win today, they’ll have to be able to limit Richardson’s passing game.

I don’t think that’s a likely result.  In fact, I like Georgia to cover what is a considerable spread.  The stats and the talent gap (had to get that in somehow) are going to be too much for the Gators to overcome, especially as the game wears on and the disparity in depth shows.

Share your thoughts in the comments.


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“An expanded playoff will enhance the regular season,” they said.

Look on the bright side:  you’ll have over a month to put your brackets together!


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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Today, in college football:

Okay, so what are we watching?  I’ll be keeping an eye on these games:

  • Arkansas at Auburn.  The battle for the cellar in the SEC West.
  • Kentucky at Tennessee.  Last year’s meeting between these two bordered on the bizarre.  Can the ‘Cats defense slow down the Vol offense?
  • Ole Miss at Texas A&M.  Can the Aggies slow down Ole Miss’ run game?  And even if they can, will it matter?


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A Florida man and a Gator fan until the day he dies.

This dude checks all the boxes.


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Vince and the Godfather

No way I can pass on posting this:

Or this:

Hope the Redcoats play that today in honor of Dooley.


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Get your minds right!

Dawg fans, it’s time to channel your inner Erk.

What more needs to be said about today?


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