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Stick to sports

Jeez, first time I don’t make it to Jacksonville for the game in over forty years and this happens:

The schools responded to that with a joint message this morning.

The whole thing is just pathetic and sad.  And I can’t help but wonder if it’s something that will come up when the schools and city begin negotiations on renewing the contract to play there.  (Not that I’m sure there’s much the city could do about crap like that.)

Anyway, I’m curious to hear from anyone who went to the game and saw that afterwards.  Was there any kind of reaction to it from the fans, or was it largely ignored?



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Week 9 Mumme Poll ballot link

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

This felt like more of a week of consolidation than anything else.  Here’s the link for this week’s ballot.


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Scenes from a rivalry victory

Always great to be a Georgia Bulldog!


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Name that caption, consoling the loser edition

A penny for Kirby’s thoughts here:

Fill in the blank in the comments section.


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Feeling the connection

Shot ($$).

“I don’t enjoy losing the momentum in a game. I enjoy the fact that we never blinked, and the kids were saying the right things on the sideline,” Smart said. “You know, there’s two things when adversity hits: You fracture, or you connect. And our team connected. They reached out to each other, and they helped each other.”



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Stat of the day (of the season?)

Is that good?  I think that’s good.


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Plays of the game

This was insane… or at least Bowers was.

The sideline reaction is priceless.

As amazing as that play was, it wasn’t my favorite of the game.  This was:

Everything about that — going for it on fourth and seven after Florida had just turned it over on downs, Stetson’s hard count drawing the Gators front offsides, the play design that left Bowers in single coverage (watch how Florida reacts to McConkey going in motion), the perfect touch on the pass and, of course, Bowers’ otherworldly receiving skills — was as good as it gets.  And Kirby’s reaction at the end is the look of a man who knew his team was up for the challenge.

Just a perfect way to stick the dagger in Florida’s carcass.


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Snatching it back

David Hale’s summary of how Georgia played is spot on.

Georgia wasn’t so much impressive as it was relaxed. UGA looked like a predator simply toying with its prey, dazing Florida with early haymakers, then allowing the Gators to think there may be a chance at escape before snapping the trap shut for good in the fourth quarter. Georgia is terrifying not because of how dominant it has appeared, but because it’s so good at hanging back, biding its time, never attacking until it feels threatened.

In Kirby’s vernacular, that’s what hunters do.


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No love lost

It seems Junior didn’t take kindly to Jimbo’s comments in the preseason.



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