Envy and jealousy, Cocktail Party edition

Well, shit.  I was gonna write an Observations post about the Florida win, but what’s the point after Bill Connelly posted this?


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  1. Derek

    Yep. We beat ‘em by three tds. Lost focus. Woke up and beat them by 3 tds again.

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  2. jcdawg83

    I just noticed the new “Quote of the Day”. That has to be my favorite one so far.

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  3. Lost in the nap was the fact we could have put a modern day woodshed job on the Handbags. We could have beaten them back to the 70s.

    Senator, I’m surprised you haven’t given us some nuggets from the Gator message boards.


    • Got Cowdog

      I snooped Swamp247. Not a lot of angst, considering. That’s a bunch of beat down gators over there. Gloomy.

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      • ugafidelis

        Yeah. The Gator fans I was with weren’t even really watching the game in the first half. I had to leave at halftime so I didn’t get to see them get their hopes up only to have them dashed again.

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      • southgadawg1

        I passed by swamp 247 too. They are pretty well defeated. Most of them are still true believers in Sun Belt Billy though.


  4. D.N. Nation

    I liked Matt Hinton’s tweet that UGA called Miller Time a little too early.


  5. thunderdawg42

    Whew, that “run rate on 3rd-and-long” stat sure paints a picture, doesn’t it? Georgia at 0.0%, Florida at 58.3%. Doesn’t matter what your offensive philosophy is, if you’re running on 3rd with 7+ to go, you’re fighting for field position rather than points.

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    • kirkwooderson

      I also focused on that 3rd and 7+ metric…was the key in a lot of ways. Just in scale: we had 5 such plays, FTMF had 12. In TN-KY, it was an 11-4 disparity. No one converts 3 and 7+ well, the question is avoiding 3 and 7+. We do that well, and TN does that well. So as much as we worry about 70 yard bombs, it probably comes down to stopping the run on early downs. If we do, the bombs become much harder to pull off.

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  6. Terry McCullers

    A lot a shit happened this weekend!


  7. I don’t pay much attention to the 6th place team in the division.

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  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Cook the steak, 28-3

    Let it rest, 28-20

    Eat that sumbitch, 42-20

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  9. RangerRuss

    Yeah, the Dawgs
    Fucked those motherfuckers.

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