Gators and Vols, living together

So, it’s come to this.

Florida fans living vicariously through Tennessee.  What a time to be alive!



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43 responses to “Gators and Vols, living together

  1. The enemy of my enemy…how would Ranger Russ articulate it?


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  2. moe pritchett

    I’ve had about enough of this vawl love bullshit. It’s frigging constant and now it’s even from the handbags.

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  3. moe pritchett

    And yes

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  4. charlottedawg

    When they argue that your qb is a system qb, that means your system is working, really well

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  5. And yet….he has more national titles than Peyton Manning and Kyle Trask combined.

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  6. drunkenmonken

    Urnge turds of a feather flock together.
    FTMF too.
    F all TMF.

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  7. originaluglydawg

    This is actually delightful and delicious for us Dawg Fans!
    Gators looking for another moral victory by hoping that a team that hates their guts beats another team that hates their guts.
    What a miserable, nasty, whiney stew of thumb sucking losers.
    Dawgs did it!!!
    Those MF are thoroughly F’d.

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  8. Ran A

    If this goes the way I think this is going to go, it’s going to pop lot of Orange Bubbles around us. It still amazes me how some down in Gainesville still does not understand just how good Georgia’s offense is.

    555 yards
    26 1st Downs
    316 in the air
    239 on the ground
    Turned the ball over 3 times to UF not turning the ball over and still beat them by 22.

    When you look at the last 6:

    UF won in 2020 (where Georgia still scored 28)

    2017 42-7
    2018 36-17
    2019 24-17
    2021 34-7
    2022 42-20

    And let’s be honest. Kirby was just eating clock in the 4th quarter in most of these, including last Saturday.

    Average score 35-14. That “it’s us – not them” for the reason your getting thumped can only carry you so far.

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    • RangerRuss

      Thanks for the ammo resupply, Ran A.

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      • siskey

        As low as we as Georgia fans have ever been I have not experienced where we try to ride some other teams coattails. I remember rooting like hell for Tebow to lose every game and I always pull against Bama unless it is embarrassing for Auburn. But I have not witnessed a lot of “come in from the cold” by fellow “team x” hater and let us rejoice that we are on coach number 4 since Urban quit on us to get an easier job, I too love your coaches jawls and think that despite getting run these past years by that maniacally obsessive former DB in Athens believe that its due to his sheer dumbass luck and if only we recruit and/or call better plays it will all fall apart.
        You love to see it.

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  9. whit1356

    I’ve been lurking on the 10-R-C message boards this morning and some are cautious of us, but a heap of them are pretty damn overconfident. I think we run the damn ball down their throats, suck them up to the line, and then burn their asses in the passing game with our 1/2* QB. (according to them) FTMF’S

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    • jcdawg83

      Their run D is actually pretty good. Monken is going to earn his money Saturday. I look for UT to copy Missouri’s game plan on D. UT pass defense is bad, really bad and they know it. Their best chance is to bring pressure every down.

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      • HirsuteDawg

        yeah, hope our O line is ready. Mr. Bennett doesn’t do as well when he his being rushed – the O line gives him some time and he should carve UT up like a turkey. Of course, a good hard rush from UT and Mr. Bennett may have a banner day running the ball.


        • Doggoned

          I thought the O-line was excellent against Florida. Bennett regularly had tons of time to throw, and the runners had numerous holes. Stetson just needs to be calm, cool and willing to take the safe throws.

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        • RC

          Been thinking the same. This could be a game where Monken busts out more designed QB runs, and earlier in the game, to keep their ends honest and on their heels a bit.


      • thosebigthighs

        They showed all the blitzing 10RC did after the Bama game on TV. What that did was open the middle of the field for an easy 10-15 yard completion. I’m sure CTM is on that mutha.


  10. biggusrickus

    But I thought modern college football was all about QBs and passing games. Imagine having so much talent that you can play “one of the worst QBs in the SEC” and still win a national title, be undefeated 8 games into the following season, and be second nationally in yards per game. What will everyone do when Georgia has one of the best QBs in the SEC some year?

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  11. cpark58

    Cool Story, Bro. Enjoy Shreveport, I hear it’s nice in December

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    • charlottedawg

      They’re 6th place in the east are they even gonna make a bowl?

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      • fisheriesdawg

        Can they win two of @A&M, USC, @Vandy, @FSU? Yes. They could win all four. But losing three or even four (if the team quits on the season) of those isn’t out of the realm of possibility, either.


  12. theoriginalspike

    Is there a bigger asshole fan base than the Booger Eaters?

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  13. 79dawg

    Obviously this only makes me root harder for the meteor….

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  14. jcdawg83

    I guess since Georgia scored 42 on the turds and UT scored 38 that means Stetson is a better qb than Hooker.

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  15. godawgs1701

    If this is true, I guess that means that Florida won handily on Saturday. Let’s check the tape!

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  16. fisheriesdawg

    Cool. Now let’s do how Tim Tebow would’ve been closer to what we’ve seen with AR-15 without Percy Harvin, Louis Murphy, Aaron Hernandez, the Pounceys, etc. around him.

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  17. Salty Dawg

    The butt chuggers need to be pulverized early and often on Saturday. Leave no survivors. Only smashed oranges and juice on the field. GO DAWGS!

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  18. Texas Dawg

    If we put up 555 yards and 319 of those in the air AND won by 22, AND were -3 in turnovers, just imagine the beatdown they would have suffered with a “good” QB. Sometimes it best just to sit down and STFU

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  19. PTC DAWG

    It’s getting deep in here.


  20. Dear lizards, the 1990’s called to remind you payback is Hell.

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  21. rigger92

    Again with the amnesia from the AL/TN game. Sure, if our team commits 17 penalties and misses field goals we likely lose the game. AL played a horrible game and Young pretty much kept them in it off script. I don’t think Stet has that in him, or, I don’t think we have the WR’s to improvise well enough for him to do it.

    Eh, maybe the bye week was spent on scramble drill’s and that’s how we take em down. Who knows.


  22. Odontodawg

    Wait, Jordan Rodgers said UGA had no offensive talent outside of Bowers. Now I’m confused. Because this guy is saying Stet would be miserable without his offensive talent. Now I has a sad.