TFW you’ve never been the head of an SEC school

Seriously, WTF is with this?

University of Florida presidential hopeful and U.S. Senator Ben Sasse apologized Tuesday for what he said was “the single ugliest, most scandalous thing” about his record: calling the SEC trash.

“I should confess that it is true that in 1981, as a 9-year-old, I did regularly decree that the SEC was ‘trash,’” Sasse said during his interview with the board of trustees. “That was wrong. If I could get the freedom to revise and extend my remarks, I should have said that Georgia, Alabama and LSU were trash.”

Hardy har har.

It’s one thing for a coach to stir up the rubes in the offseason with trash talk, but a university president meeting with the school’s trustees?  If that went over well, I’m not sure who it reflects worse on.

Then again, this is Florida we’re talking about.


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22 responses to “TFW you’ve never been the head of an SEC school

  1. akascuba

    He should know what trash looks like. If he unsure he can attend their next home game. Or just take a walk about around Gainesville. There’s a reason FU is in the asshole of Florida. FTMF

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    • Down Island Way

      I say hire that ass wipe as leader of local squatter’s in hogtown, FU board should promote this dickhead today as the head FU bus driver…#FTMF

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  2. mddawg

    If a prospective UGA President told the Board of Trustees that Gators eat boogers, they’d probably count it as a plus. Maybe better to say that over a couple of cocktails rather than an official meeting though.


  3. legatedawg

    If he wants to turn Hogtown into a refuge for Husker has-beens like Scott Frost or Turner Gill, that is just fine with me.

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    • Down Island Way

      Did hear of numerous student body members speaking out against his hire, FU alums love this guy and it appears he is the only one up for the hire…#FTMF


  4. olddawg22

    He left out Tn.! One more sign the gators have aligned themselves with the vols in some unholy Urange Alliance! (Is auburn Nxt?)
    War and politics certainly makes for some strange bedfellows!


  5. jim1886

    No cure for stupidity. As Forest would say. “Stupid is as stupid does.”


  6. ben

    I hope that he is a disastrous hire for them.


  7. fisheriesdawg

    As the blog’s resident Ben Sasse fanboy (I own a Ben Sasse 2024 t-shirt), I’m willing to overlook what was obviously a tongue-in-cheek joke. I’m just disappointed he ended up there. The Senate is going to be worse off without him and he ends up at Florida. Lose-lose.

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  8. Ran A

    When you been reduced to the President of your University making jokes like this, well then you have a lot bigger problems than I thought… LOL

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  9. That dipshit has bigger fish to fry. Every time he parks in his designated parking spot he has to worry if the pissed off student protesters are going to vandalize his car. I’ve never seen such grass roots vitriol from students to the hiring of a school president. And they never had Michael Adams, sheesh.

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    • 79dawg

      As someone who attended the 2003 actually-peaceful protests at the President’s Office following the Harrick mess, I can assure you that students/protesters have become much more emboldened in the past 20 years or so – no one even thought about vandalizing the car with the Georgia “1” vanity plate.

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      • Vanity being the key word there 🧐…reminds me what Mr. Zimmerman used to say…

        “Come mothers and fathers
        Throughout the land
        And don’t criticize
        What you can’t understand
        Your sons and your daughters
        Are beyond your command
        Your old road is rapidly agin’
        Please get out of the new one
        If you can’t lend your hand
        For the times they are a-changin’”


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Did he leave the trustee meeting at half time? Then he’ll fit right in.

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  11. classiccitycanine

    I didn’t know Sasse was going to be the president of UF. That seems like a very odd decision for him. He’s one of the few people in Congress that I respect and now he’s leaving for the damn Gators. Lose–lose.


  12. You can’t sling a dead cat in Florida without it hitting Florida Man.

    Methinks Sasse is going to learn all about trash firsthand.

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  13. godawgs1701

    To paraphrase Coach Spurrier, you can’t spell “Sasse” without “ass.”

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    • fisheriesdawg

      You might call him smug. I called him one of the few respectable people in Congress who actually tried to do his job rather than being a cable news/Twitter personality.

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  14. Still scratching my head at how Sasse ended up at Florida. His smug “everyone is corrupt and biased except for me” attitude would’ve been a much better fit at Auburn.

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  15. originaluglydawg

    I wonder if he was wearing jorts and a wife-beater while giving his speech.

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  16. 123 Fake St

    Pat for the course with this huge douche bag. Wow.