The difference between smart money and Tennessee money

Vegas knows what it wants.

Even with all the money that came in on the Vols this week, Vegas never let the line drop to a touchdown.



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37 responses to “The difference between smart money and Tennessee money

  1. I thought about $110k on lottery tickets but the Dawgs was the safer play.

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  2. TEXBaller

    I NEVER bet on/for/against my Dawgs. Too emotional.
    I’ll take a one point win today!

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  3. muttleyagain

    I’m all Munson today. That going-to-a-funeral feeling. This is not the same UT team from September. October is where you start to find out who you are, and while they haven’t got a Roquan (or, I think, a Chubb/Michel punch), they have that intangible that we acquired in 2017. A little bit of magic.

    The media can smell this and they want it so badly…UT and that offense is exactly what they want to sell. (And the Narrative! It must be restored!) Birmingham smells a big, fresh stack of new cash that has been lonely too long. They jones for each other.

    Little as he really cares, if a call or a no-call goes Georgia’s way, Gary will not stand for it. He’ll stop the game from the booth and come down there.

    Conversely, I think we’re young and haven’t been hit in the mouth yet. Focus has been an issue. I think we’ll trail early and often, but what happens from there, our guys will have a big role in deciding. We’re obviously more talented and I like our coaches a hell of a lot. OL, turn Stetson’s pocket into a clean, gated community with a 180 degree view. DL, cry ‘havoc’ and let slip the Dawgs of War, Prove me wrong, dawgs, and drive ’em all crazy again.

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    • Illini84


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      • southgadawg1

        My thoughts exactly. Magic? Bitch please. The team with the better players just about always wins. The team with the better players and better coaches can only beat themselves. Don’t turn the ball over and Georgia wins. There ain’t no damn “magic” involved. Do we really think Georgia doesn’t have the better players and coaches? Of course they do. Heupel’s fat azz will be sent back to rocky top knowing you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you can’t fool Kirby none of the time. Georgia will not be out coached and they have more talent. Take care of the football today and we will all be happy this evening. Well, most of us will be happy, some will still be bitching and whining. Kick these hype train riding flash in the pan fuckers right in their fat unge azzes today. Go Dawgs.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Gosh, Muttley, I give you credit for working hard to dream up stuff to worry about. Tennessee gives off UGA 2017 vibes? That means it is going to lose by double digits in a November road game at a big rival’s place while carrying the CFP number 1 spot. Remember that? Sounds great to me!
      Worried about October is when you learn about a team? UGA played 4 games and gave up just 4 touchdowns while scoring 20 TDs of our own in 4 games. Our cumulative October scores? 165 to 52.
      Haven’t been hit in the mouth yet? Our guys were down double digits in the 4th quarter on the road and controlled the game and won from that point. Our guys got hit with3 straight scores by Florida to cut it to a one possession game and we dominated from thereon.
      Sure, Tennessee is a worthy opponent and could win, but the idea that WE are NOT a worthy opponent for Tennessee is, as I say reaching for things to be afraid of.

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      • muttleyagain

        Not really what I was saying at all. Just mainly explaining a gut feeling, and those are often wrong. A finer point on ‘hit in the mouth’: they’ve played Alabama, we’ve played Missouri and Florida (and Oregon early, but UT’s guy ain’t Nix). Was Bama an overrated win? Sure, but they put up some points in doing it. All I meant by “magic”, which somehow sent some of our fellow intellectuals into a kickboxing frenzy, is that they’ve got that confidence that a good roll brings. Auburn for two games in 2017 might be a better analogy than us that year. I hope so. Anyway, one of us may be taking them too lightly and one too seriously, and I hope Munson’s ghost and I are wrong.

        As for finding out who you are later in the season, I’ll stand by that observation. The team that beat Clemson 10-3 was a different beast than the one it became.


        • Gaskilldawg

          I am not Tennessee lightly at all. I said Tennessee is a worthy opponent could very well win.
          Our disagreement is over what you say worries you about our team.

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          • muttleyagain

            Fair enough. And again, most of what worries me is intangibles.


            • whybotherdude

              Intangibles might be as big of a toss up as the game. UGA gets the home field with what I expect will be a loud and rowdy crowd, playing well, confident but not overly and used to pressure games. Yes, ut is on a roll and playing hot but they were ranked #1 can they handle the pressure and rat poison? It’s a lot to ask of a team that isn’t used to the pressure.


    • “Haven’t been hit in the mouth…”

      I kindly refer you to the Mizzou game.

      It’s November 5th. The Dawgs don’t need a “focus” game on November 5th.

      If Tennessee rolls out of Athens with a win, it won’t be because the Dawgs were unfocused and untested. It’ll be because we couldn’t stop their run game, and we got lost in coverage (that, or our offense shat the bed a la LSU 2019).

      Asking a lot of an offense to put us in both of those positions all day.

      Go Dawgs


  4. southgadawg1

    I guess Missouri and that third quarter against Florida doesn’t count as being hit in the mouth? I don’t know how these things are scored so that looked like adversity to me.


  5. Gaskilldawg

    Yeah, on selection Sunday the print and media commentators try to gin up controversy as to why the first 2 out, generally 17-14 teams, got screwed because they deserved an invite over the 65th and 66th seeds. I am a college basketball fan and I don’t care about that drama.

    Why would I care about whether the 13th and 14th best teams move to being the 11th and 12rh in college football?

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  6. SenorLorenzo

    I would guess that these kind of gamblers didn’t get that kind of available money by being stupid enough to potentially throw it away based upon a missed or made kick. These are probably the kind that watch in-depth shows like Coffey and Austin, then bet with their heads not their hearts, while also not depending on the shallow clickbait hot takes of talking heads.

    Scared money might not make money, but to a greater degree neither does stupid money. I hope they win a ton!


  7. Texas Dawg

    As much as Game Day has been slobbering over Bryce Young and Will Anderson today, you would think Game Day was in Red Stick and that Bama/LSU was a 1-2 matchup. When they do talk about UGA-UT, they slobber over UT so much that they may drown them before the game starts.


  8. Gaskilldawg

    21 to 6, 9:36 inthe second, 211 yards to their 110, 3 TDs to their 0. I get that there are still things to worry about but I guess coming out focused is no longer one.