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UK game scheduled

CBS can’t get enough of the number one team in the country.


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Weather report



Tell me you didn’t understand Smart’s second half strategy without saying you didn’t understand Smart’s second half strategy.



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Meanwhile, in Starkville

The Pirate has a, shall we say, unique way of motivating the troops.

Can’t wait to see what he has in store for Georgia.


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My Week 10 Mumme Poll ballot

I took last week as a validation of my voting approach so far this season.  It’s too late to stop now.

  • Georgia
  • Ohio State

With regard to the foodie question, I’m not an Athens regular, so I stuck with what I know — Cali N Tito’s.


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Saw it coming

Never thought I’d be able to say I had a better feel for something than Bill Connelly, but when it comes to Alabama’s offensive line, I had a better feel for something than Bill Connelly ($$).

I assumed turnover explained virtually all of the regression and that, despite the loss of Neal and right tackle Chris Owens — they were replaced by Vanderbilt transfer Tyler Steen and sophomore JC Latham, respectively — plus the presence of a third offensive line coach in three seasons (Eric Wolford, brought from Kentucky), the line would improve a good amount in 2022. I spent far more words talking about potential issues at receiver and cornerback (which wasn’t entirely unfounded) but mostly ignored the line. It would improve because it just would, I reasoned.

According to data from Sports Info Solutions, the Tide currently rank 116th in offensive line penalties per game, 124th in blown run block rate and 109th in total blown block rate. Pass protection numbers have improved overall — 24.3% pressure rate (56th), 3.8% sacks per dropback (27th) — but that’s mostly because of work done in early-season blowouts. Young has been pressured significantly more since he returned from injury three weeks ago, and the penalties have not slowed down.

That being said, you don’t have to be a football savant to think that losing one of the conference’s best linemen and taking a transfer from Vanderbilt to help fill the hole wasn’t going to be the genius move that would solidify the Tide’s o-line.

Oh, and here’s the topper:

This issue could linger beyond 2022. Four of the six primary starters this season (including two different centers) are either juniors or seniors. There will likely be quite a bit of turnover heading into 2023.

Bet the answer doesn’t come from Vanderbilt next time.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 10

Crazy week, eh?

  1. Georgia.  The Dawgs can clinch a spot in the SEC title game with a victory at either Mississippi State next week or Kentucky on Nov. 19.
  2. Tennessee.  They were manhandled in Athens, their best win diminished by a second conference loss, yet their odds to make the CFP remained about the same due to Alabama and Clemson losing.
  3. LSU.  Say what you will, Brian Kelly has some brass ones.
  4. Alabama.  The Tide has lost two games to top ten teams on the road by a total of four points.
  5. Ole Miss.  Gee, I wonder what Junior’s thinking this week.
  6. Mississippi State.  Struggling at home against a reeling Auburn team is not the kind of look you want with Georgia coming up next on the schedule.
  7. Kentucky.  It wasn’t pretty, but the ‘Cats got a much needed conference road win.
  8. Florida.  Played their best second half of the season to get a road win.
  9. South Carolina.  Vandy makes you stronger.  The ‘Cocks are bowl eligible for the second year in a row.
  10. Arkansas.  Ugly, ugly loss at home to a non-conference opponent, and the fans let them know it.
  11. Missouri.  The Tigers celebrated their head coach’s contract extension by dropping their fifth game of the season.
  12. Texas A&M.  The Aggies are on a five-game losing streak.
  13. Auburn.  I actually felt bad for Cadillac, who was denied a feel good story in his first game as head coach of his alma mater.
  14. Vanderbilt.  The remaining schedule is Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee.  There is no hope in Nashville.


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Kirby versus the rat poison

I tell you what — judging by this ($$), he’s gonna have his hands full for a while.

… Piece by piece, Kirby Smart and Georgia slowly but surely are replacing Alabama as the new standard in the sport. They have tapped into the potential that makes UGA the best job in college football.

“We want Bama” signs will be “We want Georgia” signs before long.


Maybe he should make the entire team use Stetson’s flip phone.


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SEC Net YPP, Week 10

Once again, the world is spinning in its properly greased groove, as Georgia reasserts itself in the top spot.

  • Georgia 2.68 (7.14 o; 4.46 d) [NC:  -0-]
  • Alabama 2.49 (6.88 o; 4.39 d) [NC:  -.31]
  • Tennessee 1.70 (7.00 o; 5.30 d) [NC:  -.50]
  • Ole Miss 1.40 (6.65 o; 5.25 d) [NC:  DNP]
  • Florida .74 (6.83 o; 6.09 d) [NC: -.06]
  • LSU .58 (6.10 o; 5.52 d) [NC:  -.10]
  • South Carolina .51 (5.88 o; 5.37 d) [NC:  +.16]
  • Missouri .42 (5.25 o; 4.83 d) [NC:  -.08]
  • Texas A&M .35 (5.76 o; 5.41 d) [NC:  -.10]
  • Kentucky .28 (5.37 o; 5.09 d) [NC:  +.01]
  • Mississippi State .20 (5.60 o; 5.40 d) [NC:  -.06]
  • Auburn .13 (5.74 o; 5.61 d) [NC:  +.04]
  • Arkansas .04 (6.40 o; 6.36 d) [NC:  +.03]
  • Vanderbilt -1.38 (5.44 o; 6.82 d) [NC:  -.03]

Turnover margin:

  • +8:  Tennessee
  • +6:  Florida
  • +4:  LSU
  • +2:  Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt
  • -0-:  Georgia
  • -2:  Arkansas, Texas A&M
  • -4:  Missouri
  • -5:  Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina
  • -8:  Auburn


  • And then there were two — teams above 2.0 net ypp.
  • Tennessee’s net change is a good indication of how badly the Vols were hammered Saturday.
  • It’s interesting that only one SEC team is in the red this late in the season.  But I’m keeping my eye on Arkansas and Auburn.


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So, how’s he doing?

Seth Emerson ($$) asked a good question yesterday:  “Are people warming up to the Stacy Searals hire yet?”

Before you answer, consider this first — Georgia is eighth nationally in tackles for loss allowed and fourth nationally in sacks allowed.  Both are tops in the conference.

Then, consider this:  some of Georgia’s o-linemen are on their third position coach in four seasons.

I’d say he’s doing alright, but what say you?




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Fabris Pool results, Week 10

No tiebreaker this week, folks.

Congrats, Horsefly!

Seasonal race remains tight.

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