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The allure of SEC on CBS

Ratings gold, Jerry!

Kinda sad the two of them couldn’t come to an agreement to keep the partnership going.



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Moving the Urnge goalposts

Tennessee fans went from “we’re scoring fiddy, bitch” before the game to this afterwards:

Which begs the obvious question:  how would Alabama fare in a rematch on a neutral field, Vols?



No doubt he’ll really shine in a rematch on a neutral field without rain.  He might even be as good as he was in Knoxville last season.


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Can you have a hype video after the game?

Apparently you can.  Wallow in this for a while:


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“Georgia’s greatest opponent at this point is itself.”

I hope you have a subscription to The Athletic, because this breakdown of the Georgia-Tennessee game ($$) is as Dawgporn-y as it gets.  The conclusion alone will get you a little moist:

But to beat Georgia, you’re going to have to find a way to score with Georgia, a team that’s still averaging 40 points per game.

Good luck with all that against this defense.

Simply put: Georgia is the best team in the country, by a good bit, and it’s going to take a sizable effort from anybody to stop this train from partying again come January.

That first sentence alone is remarkable.  If any assistant coach besides Todd Monken wins the Broyles Award this season, there ought to be an investigation.


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Tuesday ticket exchange

Got Starkvegas tickets to sell?  Need some to go see the Pirate?  Let everyone know your needs in the comments.


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“It was absolutely a Pros vs. Joe’s situation…”

Tennessee fans took as big a beating with bookies as their team did on the field with Georgia.

The Volunteers began the week as around 8.5-point underdogs, and the betting public, otherwise known as “Joe’s,” couldn’t get enough of them. On Thursday, at Caesars Sportsbook, 87% of the money that had been bet on the point spread was on Tennessee. The betting on the money-line — the odds to win the game straight-up — was even more lopsided. At DraftKings, 99% of the bets placed on the money-line were on Tennessee.

With the overwhelming money on the Vols, the line ticked down to Tennessee -7.5 on Friday, and that’s when the “Pros,” aka professional bettors, got involved. Around 10 a.m. PT, Friday, Caesars took a $110,000 bet on Georgia -7.5. Thirty minutes later, the book took a $362,000 bet on the Bulldogs -8.

“I was just waiting for the sharp money to come, and it just wasn’t coming. We were just so lopsided [on Tennessee],” Joey Feazel, lead college football trader for Caesars Sportsbook, recalled. “And, then on Friday, pop-pop.”

In less than 24 hours, the money on the point spread had gone from 87% on Tennessee to 68% on Georgia. Other sportsbooks saw big professional money on Georgia, too. The sportsbook at The Borgata in Atlantic City also reported taking a $200,000 bet on the Bulldogs around the same time as Caesars on Friday.

The professional action continued into Saturday, driving the line up to as high as Georgia -10 at some sportsbooks at kickoff. The game ended up as the most-heavily bet of the college football season at Caesars.

A Vol fan and his money are soon parted.


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That’s why they pay him the big bucks.

Rece Davis, evaluating butt kicks:

He’s not wrong.


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“‘Win 7 of 26 third downs’ is not a good way of trying to upset Georgia.”

Bill Connelly’s advanced box score of the UGA-UT game is a joy to read.  Lots of pithy praise, but I’m trying to decide which stat I enjoy the most, either Georgia enjoying a 60+% success rate throwing the ball against either man or zone coverage (that’s the Willie Martinez we’ve all known and loved) or Georgia having a 40% success rate and 40% explosive play rate on third-and -long, compared to Tennessee’s zero point zero for both.


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“Tennessee hasn’t yet arrived in the top tier of the sport, especially in the trenches.”

Who are we to argue?

In the first eight games of the year, Hendon Hooker was 24-of-48 for 1,019 yards, 11 touchdowns, and no interceptions when throwing the ball 20 or more yards down the field. Against Georgia, he was 1-of-5 for 28 yards and an interception. For the season, Hooker has been pressured on 24.7% of his dropbacks, but Georgia pressured him 44.7% of the time. Georgia’s defense was the best unit on the field in Sanford Stadium, full stop…

Hooker didn’t have time to find guys down the field, and Tennessee couldn’t get any space in the shorter concept passing game either. All told, Hooker accounted for -9.9 EPA through the air and -2.8 EPA on the ground. No defense this season had come close to containing the Tennessee offense, much less strangling it. On the opening drive of the second half, the Volunteers painstakingly marched the ball and had a first down on Georgia’s side of the field. The next three plays went sack, second-and-long run for no gain, sack. That’s the kind of day it was.

I enjoyed it.  I imagine you did, too.


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Stacy’s line has got it going on.

Not bad, fellas.


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