Moving the Urnge goalposts

Tennessee fans went from “we’re scoring fiddy, bitch” before the game to this afterwards:

Which begs the obvious question:  how would Alabama fare in a rematch on a neutral field, Vols?



No doubt he’ll really shine in a rematch on a neutral field without rain.  He might even be as good as he was in Knoxville last season.


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50 responses to “Moving the Urnge goalposts

  1. Derek

    The real question is whether their players want a rematch.

    They may have seen enough.

    Bama and Clemson losing keeps them in the mix for sure.

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  2. godawgs1701

    I remember saying all sorts of stupid things in the mid-90’s after Georgia got our asses beat, too, it’s very important to have a set of lies to tell yourself so you can sleep at night.

    PLEASE get into the playoff and PLEASE make the national championship so we can face a gimmick team for another championship, Tennessee. PLEASE find a way to bring your fraudulent defense to Los Angeles, we’ll meet you there.

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  3. Biggen

    I knew there would be people coming out of the woodwork claiming they “kept it close”.

    LOL. Whatever they want to believe is fine. It makes zero difference to the record or what will happen if they are unlucky enough to play us again.

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  4. Dawglicious

    “Fat, inbred, and stupid is no way to go through life, Junior.”

    –Dean Wormer, maybe

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  5. Doggoned

    I doubt Hendon Hooker really wants to think deeply about a rematch, even if it were in Knoxville. I can’t imagine a different result, unless UGA came up with a boatload of turnovers and penalties. The physical mismatch was glaringly obvious.

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  6. miltondawg

    If Kirby hadn’t wanted to see UT again in the playoffs, you can bet your ass that he would have pushed to score in the 40s and absolutely humiliated UT and put the same doubt in the committee’s minds that they have about Oregon. UT may still have waded back into the fray by attrition and elimination, but an absolute beatdown on the scoreboard might have them at 7 or 8 tonight rather than 4 or 5.

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  7. I replied to that idiot on Twitter about that post saying, “So you need home field advantage to beat Bama and a neutral field with no rain to beat Georgia. Got it.”

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  8. southgadawg1

    They don’t deserve a rematch.

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  9. southgadawg1

    Tennessee fans sure act like South Carolina fans these days.

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  10. Mean Machine

    I believe if they were presently in fourth, we’d be playing them in Atlanta without SEC refs trying to get two teams in the playoff. I’m cool with that scenario.

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  11. David D

    Those sumbiches shouldn’t tempt fate. We might actually field a mostly healthy receiver corps in a rematch. And, odds are, the raindrops won’t save ’em from an even bigger shellacking.

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  12. ZeroPOINTzero

    I said the same thing after the Alabama win. They barely beat Alabama in an absolute shootout by the skin of their teeth and acted like it was some dominant performance. The media butt chugged the kool aid right along with them.

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  13. I don’t know if Carolina can score any points, but I full except them to give the micky mouse offense fits in Columbia.

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  14. waterswv

    Baha, I’ll take a second helping of that in January. That beat down was delicious

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  15. RangerRuss

    What a stupid asshole. That’s why when you beat a man it’s important to leave a permanent reminder of that ass kicking. Every morning when he looks in the mirror reminds him that there was nothing he could do except take his ass being whipped. Otherwise, once the swelling goes down he starts thinking, “Next time…”.

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    • Down Island Way

      !st beating was UGA football’s fault, 2nd beating was big urnge kuntry’s fault, 3rd beating will be like the other two, real and spectacular…GO DAWGS!


  16. charlottedawg

    It doesn’t change the fact that they got absolutely destroyed but I actually don’t want to play Oregon or Tennessee again. Strange things can happen in a rematch and I do not want to get 2011 LSU’ed. probably the most dominant team not to win a national championship.

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  17. ben

    I watched Heupel’s press conference and a minute or two of his coach’s show, and that guy had a look of someone who doesn’t want to play Kirby and UGA again. The Vols crowing about a rematch in the playoffs sound like we did after the Bama beating in 08, and I think if they played UF or LSU again, both of them would beat them.

    It also looks like it’ll take a lot for UT to get into the playoffs if the Pac 10 and ACC champ both come out with 1 loss since UT won’t have a championship of any kind to hold onto and a head to head loss with another opponent in the field.

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    • USC as a 1-loss Pac 12 champion is a nightmare scenario for Tennessee. They may be able to make a case over Oregon as a 1-loss Pac 12 champ.

      If TCU finishes unbeaten, you will have likely 2 1-loss conference champions (although not convinced Clemson isn’t going to lose again) plus Tennessee fighting for the 4th spot.

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      • chicagodawgfan

        TN really needs TCU to lose or else there’s a good chance they’re on the outside looking in. USC-UCLA play each other with the winner playing OR, so quality win opportunities. Any 1 loss PAC12 champ (USC/OR/UCLA) will go along with the winner of the Ohio St-Mich game. If that game is close, I think the loser may even stay ahead of TN especially if it’s Ohio State who loses. The ACC has such a weak resume, I’m not convinced their 1 loss conference champ makes it.

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  18. godawgs1701

    I’m sure he checked the standings before sending that tweet, just to be sure that there wasn’t a possibility they might end up in a rematch with four loss Pittsburgh who they had to go to OVERTIME to beat. I’m sure he’s thrilled that there’s now no real possibility of a neutral site rematch with Alabama either!

    Tennessee fans are full of shit and they can go piss up a rope as far as I’m concerned.

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  19. stoopnagle

    Hey, the quicker we can make it 7 in a row, the better.

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  20. theoriginalspike

    Bring it assholes.. we ain’t skeered!

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  21. ugafidelis

    Has he seen the way UGA fans travel? I’m not sure neutral site means what he thinks it means.

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    • That dude must not have been at the last few Georgia games in Kneeland.

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      • Tony BarnFart

        Last week I read the comment, amongst all the loud talk from Urngecountry, Tennessee fans are acting like somebody who woke up from a coma and thinks everything should be just as they left it around say 2004. Like the asshole who thinks he’s a bigger swinging dick than he is coming back to his hometown and expecting time and people to have stood still awaiting his return. It’s how you get Erik Ainge bulletin board material.


  22. akascuba

    In at minimum the SEC no school travels better than UGA.


  23. When the skies opened up in the third quarter, I’m pretty sure Kirby popped at least a half-chub realizing he had the perfect excuse to go FULL MANBALL for the rest of the game.

    All this is by way of saying that it should be pretty obvious—especially to the opposing fans who’ve clowned on Kirby’s manball tendencies in the past—why the Dawgs didn’t rack up more yards or points in the second half. And I’d be interested in hearing this guy’s excuse as to why Tennessee’s offense at maximum effort still was barely more productive than Georgia’s offense in clock-grinding mode.

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  24. spur21

    Funny watching the mules vs the turnip as Fla – UT – Barn all claiming moral victories. Is there a “Delusional Trophy”?

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  25. Gaskilldawg

    The “You didn’t beat the shit out of us as badly as you could have” does not make us scared of a rematch.

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    • southgadawg1

      It is one hell of a time to be a Dawg. We’ve got teams taking pride in not getting their ass beat by Georgia as bad as they could have.

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      • godawgs1701

        Tennessee fans sound now exactly like they sounded before the game – like they were trying to convince themselves of something they don’t really believe to be true. T Anon can say whatever they want and peddle whatever theory they want on Twitter, but the fact remains that they DID get their asses beat every bit as badly as it felt like and the score doesn’t reflect it. Yes, they missed some deep balls that could have led to scores. So did we. And ours were closer. I knew Vol fans didn’t really believe before the game when they kept telling me how bad Georgia was instead of how good Tennessee was. Big red flag.


  26. pansythedawg

    Vol fans are doing a great job demonstrating the line between being positive and delusional.

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  27. “Oh so that’s how you are gonna play us? Shake us like a ragdoll before curb stomping our soul into oblivion? But next time we will know your strategy so look out!”


  28. Comin' Down The Track

    I mean, we’ve already done game prep for them, right? I’ll be glad to add another game to the streak within the same season.

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  29. siskey

    On the Ryen Russilo podcast released today Dominique Foxworth in the discussion of Alabama and if it is the end for them said that Georgia is the new Miami because we are on an oil well of talent. Great if true.

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  30. uga97

    Now do hookers 2 Bama game grades…pretty damn impressive. 8 passing tds /2 ints, ~700 yards of offense & ~80 pts.


  31. Fuck Tennesee and fuck everyone of their delusional fans. Go back and look at two key things:

    1) They are two missed field goals away from being 6-3. Pitt missed two field goals in their game with UT and they just make one, there is no OT. Bama should’ve made their field goal.

    2) They are +8 in the turnover category and that plus the two missed field goals are the only reason they were ever ranked #1.

    They have no business in the CFP. Statistically their defense is worse than Georgia Tech. This is pure case of their offense being sexy and a CFP committee unaware of their own confirmation bias.