Ah, but the pre-snap penalties… that’s where they had us!

If it hadn’t have been for that damned crowd…

… Tennessee could’ve been a contendah, I tells ‘ya!

If they get a rematch with the Dawgs, I hope it’s in the Peach Bowl.


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46 responses to “Ah, but the pre-snap penalties… that’s where they had us!

  1. Blame it on the players! Good job, jackass.

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  2. legatedawg

    No wait, it was all Erik Mainge’s fault! 😂

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  3. godawgs1701

    When a guy is speaking with that cadence, with those hand gestures, and repeating phrases as often as that, 99 times out of 100 he’s just screwed something up and is trying to explain.

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    • tenesseewasnevergreat

      I think it’s more insidious than that. I think they know that they were over-hyped and exposed, but they don’t want to let the public realize it. This is gaslighting at its finest.

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      • Down Island Way

        Two things here, drooling coach speak, he’s not gonna’ say their scheme sucked, he was thinking it the whole presser, big urnge kuntry got out Coached, got Out schemed, got Out played for more than 60 minutes, sorry, watch the game film with out your big urnge colored glasses…go ahead and blame Sanford Stadium for the penalties, this guy was probably the last on the Greyhound in Athens Town and the first one off the bus at the bus station in ktown


  4. ben

    I just watched this, and I watched Heupel’s post game and coach’s show, and I gotta say, they all look like they don’t have any idea what hit them. This guy especially sounds like someone who just got his ass handed to him when he thought his opponent was going to roll over.

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  5. 81Dog

    “if we just do all the same things next time, it will come out 180 degrees differently, and we win easily.”

    well, that’s a theory, Jethro. Enjoy the Outback Bowl.

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  6. If you are still dissecting last week’s corpse a few days from an SEC game with a noon start, you might sleepwalk yourself out of playoff contention. It’s also going to be 50* on Saturday, and the field may still be wet from the tropical storm coming through on Friday.

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    • miltondawg

      Yep. Ask Dino Babers. So much hype leading up the undefeated ‘Cuse/Clemson game, lots of dwelling on that agonizing loss and getting asked about it over and over, and then went and got handled by Notre Dame in the Dome (and then just lost their third in a row to Pitt). 6-0 start may well turn out to be a 7-5 season if they lose to FSU and Wake the next two weeks. As you said cpa, your last game is a corpse (win or lose). By Monday you have to put that behind you and get refocused.

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  7. Ran A

    Sounds like a UTjr. coach. Anybody else notice how is it always never Heupel; it’s we didn’t execute. It is never, we got out coached. I’m beginning to dislike this coaching staff almost as much as their fan base. Pricks…

    F’n Tennessee…

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  8. southgadawg1

    This has gone from being funny to annoying to entertaining as hell. What are the going to come up with next?

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  9. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    another reason why kirby likes to control the message – one voice


  10. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Same vibe:

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  11. I reeaallllyy hope the Vols win out, but get left out of the Top 4. Not because I have trepidation about facing them again, but because seeing that fan base lose their minds over it would be so enjoyable to watch. Better yet, I hope it is Oregon who gets in over them.

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    • miltondawg

      I just posted this here under another post, but I hope that TCU wins out and the Ohio State/Michigan is an instant classic and both B1G teams get in so that UT goes to a meaningless post-season exhibition game with opt-outs and realizes that in 2023 UT is going to be a far different team when Hooker is gone, Cedric Tillman is likely gone, Omari Thomas is gone, Jalin Hyatt is likely gone, and several other starters are either done or are eligible to enter the draft.

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  12. fisheriesdawg

    Jabari Davis would be the only choice to do the honorary coin toss for that Peach Bowl, no?

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  13. 79dawg

    Our defensive Jimmies beat their offensive Joes and Xs and Os – I don’t think it was necessarily our defensive scheme, its the fact that most teams lack effective personnel (particularly in the secondary) to hang with their Xs and Os for 60 whole minutes. The defensive performance from the start of the second half through the pretty meaningless TD drive was relentless (it was great in the first half too, but just went to another level after halftime)….

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  14. vectordawg

    Get out of here with that garbage! It wasn’t because of pre-snap penalties that Hooker’s longest pass of the day was to Keele Ringo.

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  15. Zach’s tweets have been popping up on my TL as well. This was my response to that one:

    In 120 minutes of football against UGA, this coaching staff’s brilliant scheme has been whipped pretty soundly, regardless of venue and weather.

    But blame the kids. That’s what ya gotta do.

    All he has to say is “we aren’t there yet. We thought we were. We are not.”

    Thought that was fairly succinct. Follow me for more arrogance.

    Go Dawgs.

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  16. siskey

    I am so tired of seeing “bending the knee.” The Game of Throne books and TV show are fine but it is really overused.


  17. classiccitycanine

    Kirby will tell you UT has a good scheme and good players. That’s why he spent extra time preparing for them.

    Their players didn’t execute because the moment was too big and their coaches didn’t have a schematic answer for when an opponent is physically able to match up with you.

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  18. Wasn’t really expecting a “Fuck them Kids” moment, but here we are.

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  19. I mean, I guess Bama could say they same thing? Idk?

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    • spur21

      My thought exactly. Bama didn’t respond well to the crowd noise but I didn’t hear a single UT fan acknowledge the advantage they were given by the home team atmosphere.

      Hey hillbilly’s home crowds make a difference.


  20. stoopnagle

    Missouri isn’t going to care. If they could bottle us up, they can bottle up the Vols. But, sure, let’s just keep on with the woulda coulda shouldas.


  21. Dawglicious

    The long, dark, soul-crushing heavy shadow of Phat
    Phil looms over this program….he never took the blame for a UT loss. Always blamed the players or used the “we’re still the better team.” Heupel and his staff know their audience.

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  22. DawgFlan

    Reductio ad absurdum.

    Of UTs 11 drives, 6 had NO false start penalties yet still failed to score any points. Zero. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

    Only 3 UT drives failed to convert a 1st down after getting a false start. On two of those, UT still scored FGs.

    Let’s assume an alternate reality where UT scores TDs on all 3 drives negatively impacted by false starts. That is a max difference of 15 points (21 vs the 6 they did score).

    Let’s also assume an alternate reality where UGA’s offense has the same exact result, and assume that in no way did UGA choose to play conservative (insert eyeroll). UGA still finds itself with a 1st down on the UT 25 with a minute in the game and well within field goal range.

    Even in this coach’s UT fairyland, the results is a 2 point UT loss.

    UT Drive Summary
    1st Drive: 1 False Start – Drive ended in FG – max difference = 4 points.
    2nd Drive: 1 False Start- Drive ended in punt – max difference = 7 points.
    3rd Drive: No false starts – Drive ended in punt
    4th Drive: No false starts – Drive ended in punt
    5th Drive: 2 False starts – Drive (aided by 2 UGA PIs) ended in FG – max difference = 4 points
    6th Drive: No false starts – Drive ended in interception
    7th Drive: No false starts – Drive ended in punt
    8th Drive: No false starts – Drive ended in fumble
    9th Drive: 3 False Starts – False Start #1 overcome with a 1st down, False starts #2&3 overcome with a 1st down via UGA penalty (facemask) – drive ends in turnover on downs
    10th Drive: UT Touchdown
    11th Drive: No false starts – drive ends in turnover on downs

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    • olddawg22

      Please add that 10th drive was aided by 2 desperation 4 down conversions. Believe by most advanced stats it also came in garbage time!
      Yeah it was a close game!
      But It Rained!!!!


    • Gaskilldawg

      Bring match play to football!! Danny White is on it!Great research! Thank you for posting that.


  23. Texas Dawg

    “hey in that 60 minutes they were better than us”
    And also in the preceding 60 minutes, and every 60-minute interval to follow.

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  24. moe pritchett

    To paraphrase CKS

    “I’m tired of hearing from these mutherfukkas!”

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    Vol version of metchie & williams.

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  26. Totally agree! Those pre snap penalties left Hooker on his back all day long. And did you see those pre snap penalties that caused our receivers to make big plays? crazy right? Oh, and don’t get me started on that pre snap penalty that drove that punt right down to the half yard line where the following pre snap penalty led to a safety that wasn’t real but really was. Whew glad they didn’t call that!


  27. uga97

    Tell us something we don’t know, Mr conventional urngedum.

    Public comments by coaches like this are exactly how programs fall hard & fast.

    So you didn’t practice for enough, which was not really good coaching. But if you could hear a pin drop in the stadium, their oline wasn’t stopping Carter, he’s a really good football player. And the punt by Hot Pod was affected by UTs presnap penalty.

    And the 3 TDs we score in the 1st half, was only due to UT affected by noise issues.

    Bye bye felicia, really hope u don’t make the playoffs. But I do hope ncaa changes the gimmicky ass substitution rule UT is living off of, sooner than later.


  28. olddawg22

    Can we get a copy of his comments post bama game? I’m sure he gave all credit for Tn winning the Bama game to the presnap penalties! If he did at least in that case he would be right!


  29. munsoning

    Polar opposite of 5-star hearts. At least Butch stuck up for his players. Good Lord.