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Had it all the way.

Sure, that may have been the ugliest 26-point win in the history of Georgia football, but these Dawgs are your 2022 SEC East champs.


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Your game day post, doggy style edition

Bill Connelly pointed out yesterday that since he got to Mississippi State, Mike Leach is 11-9 against every SEC team not named Alabama and Georgia.  He’s yet to notch a win over either of those two.

Josh has the handy statistical summary for you here:

Leach has been pointing fingers at his receiving corps all season (former Georgia player Justin Robinson is among their number), but that doesn’t appear to be their main issue on offense, at least not lately.  In his presser this week, Smart noted that Leach has modified his offense to incorporate more running plays, but over the last three games, MSU’s running game has blown a tire or two, as their game log indicates.

As the running game has fallen off, so has their offensive ypp, and by a significant amount.  That’s not the trend you want to see with the nation’s fifth-best team in defensive rushing yards coming to town.

Defensively, as Josh’s stats indicate, they’ve been solidly middle of the pack in the conference — eighth in defensive ypp, for example.  (Interestingly, they’re actually worse at home than on the road, which isn’t something you’d expect from Clanga!, and for what it’s worth, UGA sports the conference’s best offensive ypp on the road, at 7.58, and yes, Georgia is better on the road than at home in that regard.)

Two wild cards that cause concern are (1) turnover margin and (2) special teams.  The first, simply because Georgia has turned the ball over 11 times in its last six games and is about to play its first chilly game of the season at night, on the road.  The second, because Lideatrick Griffin is the nation’s scariest kick returner, averaging over 33 yards with his fifteen returns.  He leads the country in 30+ yard returns, with nine.  It might be a good idea to make sure those kickoffs are touchbacks, fellas.

All told, it shapes up as a game where if Georgia doesn’t mess up, the Dawgs should cover the 16-point spread.  We shall see what we shall see.



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Eyes on the prize

Probably not the one most folks are thinking of, though.

I like the way this program thinks.


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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Today, in college football:

Not a lot of dramatic matchups today, although there should be enough entertainment to go around.  Here’s what I’ll be watching:

  • Missouri at Tennessee.  Missouri’s defense has proven itself to be pretty stout.  Does it take away any lessons from what Georgia’s D showed last week?
  • LSU at Arkansas.  The Hogs’ defense has been bad this year, but does LSU have a hangover after last week’s win over ‘Bama?
  • Alabama at Ole Miss.  You know the Laner is jonesing for a win over Saban.
  • Miami at Georgia Tech.  A win today would give the Jackets their fifth of the season and leave them one away from bowl eligibility.  Given that their last two games are on the road against North Carolina and Georgia, the football gods may give the Dawgs the opportunity to send GT home for the winter.
  • South Carolina at Florida.  If Dan Mullen were still the coach, I’d give the ‘Cocks a reasonable chance at an upset.  Alas, he’s not.
  • Washington at Oregon.  CFP implications.
  • TCU at Texas.  Ditto, except even bigger.
  • Texas A&M at Auburn.  Today’s car wreck on the side of the highway game — you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t help yourself.

Alright, so what’s on your viewing agenda today?


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Little nip in the air today

LSU players are probably going all “Cold?  Nobody said anything about cold today!”.


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One interesting thing about today…

If Georgia and LSU win and Ole Miss loses, both SEC divisions will be clinched with two weeks left to go in the regular season.  If you had that on your bingo card at the beginning of the season, well played.


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Time to roll, peeps.

The day ain’t gonna attack itself.


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