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Week 11 Mumme Poll ballot link

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

I’m guessing a few ballots will change based on last weekend’s action.  Here’s the link.



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When the going gets rough, or something…

A season spiraling out of control and you elect to bench your second-leading receiver for a road conference game… must have been pretty serious.

I’m beginning to think Jimbo’s daring TAMU to can his ass so he can collect that ridiculous buyout and run the scam again at another school.


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Those passes aren’t gonna overthrow themselves.

Every once in a while, Matt Hayes redeems himself by writing something like this:

The narrative from the Tennessee game is quarterback Hendon Hooker “missed” 3 deep balls that he typically hits, and if he hits those throws, it’s a different game.

He missed those throws because Carter and the Georgia defense were affecting the game. He missed those throws because he couldn’t stand framed in the pocket, shoulders squared and feet set, and throw a perfect ball like he has so many times this season.

His feet were constantly moving, his release point was constantly changing because he had to move, or hop, or throw on one foot — because he was constantly avoiding chaos in the pocket.

“(Hooker) didn’t miss those throws as much as he was forced into doing things he doesn’t typically do,” the scout said. “Every quarterback reacts differently to pressure. The difference with (Carter) is it’s pressure in your face, it’s not off the edge. You don’t see that enough in college football to know how to deal with it. That’s NFL-level pressure.”

Carter played 46 snaps against Tennessee, had 4 tackles, 1 sack and 2 tackles for loss. The scout told me Carter affected the play — made a stop, redirected the play, forced a mistake — only nearly 85 percent of the snaps.

No doubt things will be totally different next time.  Just ask any Vol fan.


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Never underestimate Todd Monken’s prep work.

And here’s a perfect example of why I don’t fret over a momentary lapse:

The best part of that?

“Tremendous job offensively to get the ball in the second half. We thought that would define the second half, to take the crowd out of it if we could get some momentum back.

We lost momentum in the first half at the end of it, but a tremendous job by Darnell Washington, just elite perimeter blocking. Ladd breaks one tackle, Rosemy has blocks downfield and Ladd outran them. It was just a great play call, a great design. It was a play that we put in this week for that look and it hit.”  [Emphasis added.]

Elite talent and elite coaching trumps the occasional hiccup.  That’s Georgia football, 2022 edition.


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Even when it’s easy, it’s not always easy.

Really, that was the exact thought I had when the MSU punt returner crossed the goal line at the end of the first half as he put a bow on top of Smart’s strange — or, as Smart himself referred to it technically, “bad” — game management in the last half minute.

But I wasn’t worried.  In fact, I can honestly say I haven’t been worried about the outcome of a single Georgia game this season.  (And, yes, that counts the second half of the Missouri game.)  But I have to admit there have certainly been some entertaining moments along the way, and not necessarily the good kind.

I can’t say if that’s been due to boredom, lack of focus, maturity issues or what.  But it certainly gets your attention, doesn’t it?


UPDATE:  Nicely put, Nicole Auerbach ($$).

The Bulldogs rolled to a 45-19 win against Mississippi State, and when I say ‘roll,’ I really mean like a snowball. That’s how Georgia beats teams, with an effort that builds upon itself, bigger and better, until it crushes you. So even after a punt return touchdown allowed Mississippi State to pull within five just prior to halftime, the vibe was more slightly uncomfortable than legitimately concerning.


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The opposite of envy and jealousy

From “appears to be” in the opening sentence to the suggestion of what the selection committee would have to weigh should LSU upset Georgia in the SECCG, I hate every word of this Heather Dinich ($$) assessment of Georgia’s CFP chances.

Path to the playoff: No team in the country appears to be in a better playoff position than Georgia, which clinched the SEC East Division title on Saturday following its win against Mississippi State. The Bulldogs will face two-loss LSU in the SEC championship game, and there’s a chance the selection committee rewards Georgia with a top-four finish on Selection Day even if it loses a close game to LSU. In addition to the victory against the Vols, Georgia also has a 46-point win against Oregon, which will still resonate despite the Ducks’ loss to Washington on Saturday. It’s still possible Georgia will have a win over the Pac-12 champs, if Oregon can pull it off. If LSU wins the SEC, though, Georgia shouldn’t assume it’s still in, because Tennessee would be able to claim a resounding 40-13 victory over the SEC champs. Would the committee reward the team that lost to LSU and eliminate the one that beat the Tigers? This is where the conversation would turn to the possibility of all three SEC teams in the top four. The committee would have to weigh Tennessee’s win over the SEC champs with its head-to-head loss to Georgia, in which Tennessee was outplayed more than the final score indicated.

This is what you get when you’re more enamored of the process than the game itself.


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TFW you aren’t playing in a championship game but are desperate to impress the selection committee

Somebody ought to print “Best Loss in the Country” t-shirts.


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Kirby Smart, baybee!



When the only valid comparisons to make are with the two greatest conference coaches of the past three decades, that is what elite smells like.


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Take your moral victory and shove it.

This may be the first time ever I’ve respected Lane Kiffin as a coach.


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