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Receivers, don’t forget to block.

Really good point about one of the iconic moments of this season…

If Lovett engages Starks for just a second, that play most likely has a very different ending.

That’s why Georgia puts such an emphasis on having receivers who block downfield.  And that’s why (in part, at least) Mizzou is having the season it’s having.



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What about that “most wins over top 25 teams” thing, PAWWWLLL?


Nice while it lasted, Vols.


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Words for the wise

If Brad White is looking for some advice about how to slow down Stetson Bennett’s roll, he might want to heed something Matt Hinton points out.

Bennett doesn’t run much, but when he does he makes it count. Seven of his 28 carries this season (excluding sacks) have gone for touchdowns, none of them of the goal-line QB sneak variety. He broke a 64-yarder against Auburn; outran half the Tennessee defense to the pylon to get Georgia on the board against the Vols; and, with his 4-yard TD run against Mississippi State on Saturday night, has put not just one but 2 opposing safeties in the deep freeze on red-zone jukes.

Sure, nobody thinks it can happen to them. But the evidence is clear: If Stetson Bennett gets your safety 1-on-1 within sniffing distance of the end zone he WILL embarrass him. Accept the facts and take the necessary precautions.

Given the aforementioned 64-yarder, “sniffing distance” is doing a bit of heavy lifting there, methinks.  Anyway, good luck with that, Brad.


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That’s nice of you to say.

No doubt Stetson Bennett deserves his share of praise (more on that to come), but there are limits.  Like this:

… Kentucky defensive coordinator Brad White dropped this line when talking about the challenge the Bulldog quarterback poses to the Wildcats Saturday afternoon (3:30 p.m., CBS).

“Facing Bennett in college is kind of like facing Brady in the NFL, in that he’s seen so much,” White said. “He’s got so much experience. We’ve got to try to find a way to give him something he hasn’t seen.”

My eyes, they rolled a little reading that.  Brad’s problem is that his comparison won’t faze Stetson in the slightest.


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