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Party like it’s 2019 again.

Good lord, that was ugly.

But they’re 11-0 and moving on. That’s what counts, right?


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Your game day post, Bluegrass edition

Welp, let’s start by taking Big Blue Nation’s pulse on this chilly morning:

This is not the game we thought it would be over the summer. Heck, it’s not the game we thought it might be a week ago. The BBN is deflated following Kentucky‘s loss to Vanderbilt at home. Instead of getting excited about a Top 25 matchup with the No. 1 team in the country, many may not even tune in to watch the Wildcats host Georgia on CBS.

The Defending National Champions lost a handful of first round draft picks, yet the defense isn’t missing a beat. They rank in the top six in scoring defense, rushing defense and total defense. Don’t be fooled, these Dawgs aren’t just going to maul you to death. They can also put up some points. With Stetson Bennett running the show for Todd Monken, they rank in the top six in points per game (40.6) and yards per game (509.6).

Kentucky needed a get right game against Vanderbilt to gain momentum going into this tall task. After an embarrassing loss, this game feels like a buzz saw. Hopefully this pessimistic preview appears foolish 24 hours from now, but that’s just wishful thinking.

The tl;dr version:

Sounds glum.  Y’all need a little motivation today.

Take it away, Mr. Tim Tebow.

“Well, I’ll tell you what he needs to start with is an inspirational speech to his offensive line, because they haven’t blocked too many people all year. Through 10 games, they’ve given up 40 sacks. That’s the most by any SEC team since 1999. By the way, that’s not a good thing, because you’re going up against the best defense in the country and a defensive line that’s gotten better throughout the entire season. Jalen Carter may be the best defensive lineman in the country. So, that’s not a really good sign,” Tebow said.

“So, what’s he have to do? He’s got to get his team fired up to block somebody. Secondly, he’s got to have great eye discipline. He’s got to be able to read it, react and see what Georgia and Kirby Smart — the defense — is doing.

“Against ranked teams, he (Will Levis) has 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. So, he’s struggled a little bit reading these defenses. If they want to have any chance — not just this offensive line has to step up, but he has to step up. He’s got the talent — it’s off the charts, but he has to have great eye discipline to read and react. If he does that, maybe Kentucky can have a chance.”

There is only one way to respond to that:

Then again, when you blow a game at home against Vanderbilt, there’s nowhere to go but up, amirite?

Intangibles aside, this game seems something like a mismatch, which is not at all what was expected at the start of the season.  The offense, as I posted about before, has regressed from last season, largely because the offensive line is a shell of what it was in 2021 and because UK’s receivers haven’t really stepped up.  If Georgia’s defense can put the clamps on Chris Rodriguez — and, really, is there some reason to think they can’t? — it’s hard to see where the points come from for the ‘Cats.  UK’s defense is doing better than their offense — low bar, I know — so I guess they could hope to get the Dawgs into a grind it out, time of possession affair and hope to come out on the good side of the turnover margin metric.  Problem with that strategy is that Kentucky is actually in worse shape on the turnover margin front than is Georgia.

But, hey, don’t take my homerish word on that.  Here’s what Matt Hinton says to wrap up his preview:

It says all you need to know about the rest of this week’s SEC slate that there’s no honest way to spin the main event as anything but a laugher or a slog. It is possible, given Kentucky’s competence on defense and Georgia’s occasional tendency to sit on a comfortable lead, that the score will remain plausibly within reach well into the 2nd half — the kind of game that’s just competitive enough to keep people from turning the channel, but not enough to keep them from spending most of the time scrolling on their phones. That’s the best I can do here. Georgia is well on its way to another title shot, and Kentucky is a mere speed bump en route.

What’s the over/under on running plays in the second half?


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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Your Week 12 (sob!) offerings:

The penultimate week of the season always seems to have a bit of a calm before the storm feel to it and this time is no exception.  (I don’t think even Nick Saban can lecture ‘Bama fans about sticking around for the whole Austin Peay experience, right?)

Here are the few morsels I’ll be sampling today/tonight:

  • Florida at Vanderbilt.  It’s Gators Playing In The Cold vs. Vandy’s Hangover.  Which narrative plays out?
  • Texas at Kansas.  Gawd, would I love a repeat.
  • Tennessee at South Carolina.  The Vols have nothing to offer the selection committee but blow outs over mediocre opposition.
  • Ole Miss at Arkansas.  Both teams are coming off close losses.  Which one bounces back?
  • USC at UCLA.  Biggest game of the day?
  • Utah at Oregon.  Here’s guessing that Lanning doesn’t go for it on fourth down inside his own 30 this week.

What’s on your list?


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Today, in where are they now?

Boy, two years ago, did anybody see this coming?

JT is Exhibit “A” in proof that surrounding casts make a difference.


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Built to last

True, or nah?

Georgia’s motivation now is perfection. And if the Bulldogs somehow can run it down, an argument could be made that the Kirby Smart Era is the greatest period in program’s storied history.

Before you answer, consider this.

There will be little argument if the Bulldogs can sustain their current pace. They have won 28 of the past 29 games, dating to the loss against Florida in the pandemic season of 2020. The only blemish after that was the 41-24 loss to Bama in the SEC title game last year.

The Bulldogs have won 12 consecutive games since that one. That’s five short of the longest in school history, when Georgia won 17 consecutive from 1945-47. An unblotted run to the 2022 national championship would tie that streak.

There’s one thing that distinguishes Georgia’s current run from its great runs in the mid-40’s and early 80’s is the absence of a Trippi or Walker.  Indeed, this season’s kind of been the opposite of how Georgia has built its great teams before.

A key part of the Bulldogs’ current success is the how the program has been built. This year, Georgia lost a record 15 players off its 2021 championship team to the NFL draft in April. Eight of those players played on defense, five of whom were selected in the first round. The Bulldogs replaced them not with proven acquisitions from the transfer portal, but with unproven, previously recruited prospects who entered the program on the promise of being developed to be the next great player at their respective positions.

That’s the look of sustained success.  He won’t get it, but Smart deserves some serious Coach of the Year consideration for the job he’s done in 2022.


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There are two ways to beat Tennessee.

Jordan Rodgers outlines them both here.


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If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.

Apparently, Logan Booker is something of a soap opera aficionado.  I’m not, so it’s good he dug up something this cringy to share with us:

(h/t Walter)


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Campers, it’s rise and shine time again.

It’s Saturday in Lexington!


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