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Same as it ever was

Five first round draft picks… fifteen total taken by the NFL… no one plucked from the transfer portal… yada, yada, yada.

And yet, still:



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Week 12 Mumme Poll ballot link

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

This week, you’ve got your close calls to consider… and then you’ve got Tennessee losing by 25.

Ballot link is here.


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Wes Rucker haz a sad.

And I’m here for every punctuation mark of it.

Getting to that moment and then ruining it so spectacularly makes perspective difficult to find. There’s no way to know when Tennessee will again head into the penultimate week of the regular season with a national championship remaining a realistic possibility. Maybe it’ll be next year. Maybe it’ll be a few years. Maybe it’ll be a decade. Maybe even longer. There’s no way to know. All we know is that Tennessee had that goal within its grasp Saturday and now it does not, and that it has only itself to blame.

A 9-2 record heading into the regular-season finale at Vanderbilt is something every reasonable Tennessee fan on earth would have graciously accepted in August. Now it feels like a failure. That sounds so harsh, but it’s the truth. Getting housed by also-ran South Carolina was an abject failure on every level — but specifically the defensive level.

Was this game an embarrassing bump in the road for the Heupel era, or was it a decisive fork-in-the-road when things took a wrong and never fully recovered? We won’t know that answer for a while. But to even be sitting here openly — and fairly — pondering that question is a reflection of what this loss means.

It’s a long way down from spinning CFP hypotheticals to 63-38, that’s for sure.


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It’s that time again, Dawg fans.

I should also mention that today, we owe a small debt of gratitude to North Carolina for their embarrassing loss to Georgia Tech, thereby giving us another wonderful “bless their hearts” moment.

Hells yeah, Aaron.  Long may it run.


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Just point at the scoreboard



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Still waiting on that gap to close

The only downside to the Vols getting pantsed last night in Columbia is that it’s taken some attention away from another spectacular face plant in the SEC East.  I guess it’s my responsibility to remedy the situation.

If a Gator stat occurred before 1990, did it actually happen?


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Forget it, Jake. It’s Kentucky.

I can’t say why, but there’s something about the combination of the Wildcats and shitty weather that brings out the… well, the Kirby Smart in Kirby Smart ($$).

“Because I feel like to win the game, you need to be able to run it in from fourth-and-1,” Smart said. “If you don’t get it, they’ve got to go 99 yards. Those are the decisions I get to make.”

“That was a decision that was made by me, and I wanted to show confidence in our players,” Smart said. “If I had a chance to go out there and do it again, I’d say let’s go out there and do it again because that’s what I believe in. That decision was made 15 years ago, my philosophy.”

“To get 1 yard, you should be able to get 1 yard. You’ve gotta go get those,” Smart said. “We got 8, 9 yards a lot of times. We rushed for (247) yards, so getting 1 shouldn’t be the end of the world, right?”

It’s not like I ever thought the game was in jeopardy, but, damn, Kirbs, a little flexibility never hurts sometimes.

I just hope he’s got it out of his system for the rest of the season.


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Life comes at you fast, Vol fans.

How it started.

How it’s going.

Damn, that was fun to watch.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.


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