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The field narrows…

… and Todd Monken is still there.

I still think Golesh (and maybe Riley) is the favorite, but at least Monken doesn’t worry about having to face Kentucky again.



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He’s just not that into you.

Okay, but what if what you do is deny Tech bowl eligibility?


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Today, in you know it’s bad when…

He probably had flashbacks of the 2015 South Carolina-Georgia game… but I digress.


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Monday ticket exchange

It’s COFH Week!  And Senior Day!

You got tix to sell?  Need to buy some?  Have at it in the comments.


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TFW you’re the best two-loss team in the nation

Can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth (tooths?) were this to come to pass?

The loss not only knocked the Volunteers out of the CFP, but it also put them in danger of not being selected for a New Year’s Six bowl.

Shoot, that’s almost enough to make me hope that UT gets by Vandy this week.  Almost.


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Oh, look. Somebody’s fee-fees are still hurt.

Some Big Ten swag being thrown in our direction…

The Michigan Wolverines survived being upset at home by Illinois on Saturday courtesy of the leg of their kicker Jake Moody. However, Moody was not done taking aim and taking shots on Saturday after the victory. After Michigan’s 19-17 victory, their senior kicker from Northville, MI, lined up and took a shot at the SEC.

“It’s not the SEC. You’ve got to deal with some tough wind conditions. It’s freezing out there,” said Moody on kicking in Nov. at Michigan.

I guess the problem with Miami last year was that the weather was too easy.  And I thought Georgia was supposed to have problems on a neutral site…


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Never a bad time for a cold one

Sam Pittman, with the invite:


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SEC Power Poll, Week 12

Sometimes, it’s the sleepy little weeks that surprise you.

  1. Georgia.  There is one defensive coach who can shut down a Todd Monken offense:  Kirby Smart.
  2. Alabama.  Hey, between the Vols and the Tide, which team are you taking on a neutral field?
  3. Tennessee.  Funny, I don’t remember that 2019 LSU team losing by 25 points to a middling conference team.
  4. LSU.  Got to chill with a cupcake opponent.
  5. Ole Miss.  How do you lose a game where you rack up over 700 yards of offense (200 more than your opponent)?
  6. Mississippi State.  Comfy win over a cupcake sets up another hopefully epic Egg Bowl.
  7. South Carolina.  Where in the hell has that Spencer Rattler been all season?
  8. Arkansas.  Walloped a decent Ole Miss team to become bowl eligible.
  9. Kentucky.  The ‘Cats dragged Georgia into the usual rock fight they couldn’t win.
  10. Florida.  Billy Napier:  “I saw a lot of Florida beating Florida.”  And they say the Gator Standard is dead.
  11. Auburn.  Fun’s over, Cadillac.  It’s Iron Bowl time.
  12. Missouri.  These guys beat South Carolina by thirteen and lost to Tennessee by 42.  Somebody make it make sense.
  13. Vanderbilt.  Vandy clinches bowl eligibility if they can upset the Vols.  If they do, Clark Lea has my vote for SEC Coach of the Year.
  14. Texas A&M.  The Aggies are the only team in the country that hasn’t scored 30 points in a game against an FBS opponent.


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What comes of brand building…

This really is pathetic.

By the way, I watched a little of the Tech-North Carolina game and noticed they’ve still got 404 patches on the backs of their jerseys.  Old habits die hard, I guess.


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What’s that definition of insanity again?

Yeah, but next time it’ll work, right?


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