Today, in you know it’s bad when…

He probably had flashbacks of the 2015 South Carolina-Georgia game… but I digress.


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15 responses to “Today, in you know it’s bad when…

  1. uga97

    Took Lincoln Riley’s ex- QB to clear the path for Lincoln to make the CFP. He planned that all along.

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  2. theoriginalspike

    Once a classless Dick, always a classless Dick. There, I said what is said, and now I feel better.

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  3. The OBS felt sorry for Tennessee? Color me skeptical.

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  4. vectordawg


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  5. cowetadawg

    And you still can’t spell Citrus without a U and a T.


  6. siskey

    The Tennessee game reminded me a lot of the Florida vs Nebraska game in 1996. I was more pleased when the Gators got run but that has more to do with Spurrier than anything else.

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    • gurkhadawg

      That Nebraska team would have crushed anyone. If not the best team of all time, damn close. That’s hard for me to say, cause I have hated Nebraska since 1969 when they whipped our ass. So Fuck Nebraska!!! I hate those cocksuckers. They say it’s really hard to overcome childhood trauma, so yeah, fuck’em.


  7. Terry McCullers

    Y’all really think he feels sorry? Not!


  8. Spur Dog coached the Gamecocks through a period that was simultaneously Sakerlina’s best days and Tennessee’s worst, yet his biggest win over UT was a 27–6 snoozer in 2008. You know he’s jealous AF that he never got to drop a 63-bomb on the Vols.


  9. practicaldawg

    SC is such a unique team. They truly have the most hostile environment for a team that is never in the national picture. In a normal season, the Cocks will slop it around for most of the season, but you can be sure that there will be a Saturday at the Willy B when they absolutely play with their hair on fire and absolutely blindside a team with near-flawless play that infuriates their fans as much as they love it because they wonder where that level of play has been all year.

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  10. unionjackgin

    Had to be the day that made Spurrier retire … never gets old.

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