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Other people’s money, other people’s problem



Schools, shorter version:  “Yeah, it’s kind of a mess what we’re doing, encouraging collectives in one breath and leaving coaches out to fend for themselves in the face of aggressive NIL pitches on the other.  But, hey, at least we’re not the ones paying the players!”



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Misunderstood metric

Michael Felder has this to say about time of possession:

I hate when people argue about time of possession. They’re insulting their own team and insulting my intelligence. “Well my team had the ball longer so that’s why we win,” is a talking point for scared people.

Scared money don’t make money.

If you have the ball a long time it is a combination of 3 things; you’re scared for the other team to have the ball, you are not an explosive offense or you’re really good up front and can do whatever you want. Football ain’t hot potato, if it takes 12 play drives to score all the time are you actually good and if you are good, why are you playing with your food…

Well, yes and no.  It is silly to tie TOP to winning and losing as a matter of simple causation.  But if you’re, say, a triple option team that isn’t among the national leaders in time of possession, that’s a good indication you’re doing something very, very wrong.

Something similar can be said for offenses that are very efficient, but not very explosive — you know, like Michigan (currently #3 in TOP) or Georgia (currently #6 in TOP).  Teams like those aren’t playing with their food so much as playing to their strengths.

Kentucky, on the other hand…


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My Week 12 Mumme Poll ballot

It’s rubber meets the road time this week.  For now, though…

  • Georgia
  • Ohio State


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(Red) Zoned out

Kirby knows that we know that he knows ($$)

Smart said emphatically after the game that the Bulldogs should be able to get that short yardage. On Monday, he was asked more specifically how they can do it. He wasn’t going to tell future opponents any changes the coaches might make but went into the thought process.

“I mean, you be creative,” he said. “You have to sit and think, ‘Are we in the best personnel grouping to do it? Are we giving it to the right side? Are we attacking the weakness of the defense?’ There’s all kinds of things that go into it. Where are their best players, where are our best players?”

Like I said, he knows telegraphing the play with heavy personnel sets over and over again and then jamming the ball straight into defensive alignments set to flood the A and B gaps is likely to be a failing strategy against SEC opponents, and yet Georgia keeps doing it, with the same results.  Is he crazy, or crazy like a fox?

So were the more predictable run-up-the-middle calls a simple belief that Georgia should be able to do it or a case of holding back a call to use in the postseason? Smart wasn’t going to say so, obviously.

The problem I have with a Kirby Smart, 3-D chess grandmaster theory here is that the Dawgs have so many goal line options — Bennett read option keepers, passes to a couple of gifted tight ends, coming out in spread formations to give the backs more room to maneuver are just a few things to come to my non-Monken mind — that it seems like non-stop manball is a complete waste of strategic effort.  Think I’m gonna have to go with the “Georgia should be able to do it” theory of the crime.  Your mileage may vary, of course.


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Today, in gunslingin’

Had it all the way, or nah?


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Dabo channels his inner Spurrier.

Admittedly, in a good cause.

There’s just something about Tennessee that brings out the snark.


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Get your minds right, people.

Let Erk clue you in on COFH Week.

Some sentiments are timeless.


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Just another day in the life



True?  False?  No idea, but the timing — just days before the Egg Bowl and Iron Bowl — is impeccable.  Junior’s been a chaos agent his entire career, so this non-denial about what would be his sixth head coaching job (honestly, I may have lost count) is certainly on brand.

And if it is true, Auburn is such an appropriate landing spot, don’t you think?


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