Just another day in the life



True?  False?  No idea, but the timing — just days before the Egg Bowl and Iron Bowl — is impeccable.  Junior’s been a chaos agent his entire career, so this non-denial about what would be his sixth head coaching job (honestly, I may have lost count) is certainly on brand.

And if it is true, Auburn is such an appropriate landing spot, don’t you think?


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48 responses to “Just another day in the life

  1. biggusrickus

    If it turns out to be untrue, then Kiffin’s response is pretty hilarious. If it’s true, then not so much.

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  2. southgadawg1

    I’m shocked, shocked, the plain men wanted Lane Kiffin.


  3. theotherdoug

    He knows what it’s like to coach at Auburn. No way he takes that job.

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    • Down Island Way

      Just when you say the laner knows what the cesspool is/consists of, there is that how much$$$$$ for how long conversation, you have to gauge (how much will they pay vs how long can i live/stomach their B.S.), being a P5 hc with a payout is kinda’ liveable life…#AUBURN SUCKS!


      • archiecreek

        the east alabama reform school for wayward chill’ren at auburn…
        The place where coaches go to be tormented (sounds like hell?)
        They never leave for advancement, only for lesser jobs (albeit with fat buyouts).
        Harsin, Good Lord knows where he ends up.
        Gus, UCF.
        Chizik, ???
        Tubberville, US Senate, make your own comments. (mine aren’t wholesome).
        Terry Bowden, I think he’s in the MAC??
        Dye, was he forced out???(coach to be named later for Dooley and Erk).

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        • miltondawg

          Chizik is back in Chapel Hill for a second stint as co-DC. So far his second go around is going about as well as his first time in Chapel Hill (UNC is like 105th or so in total defense in FBS this season).


    • akascuba

      In the next couple of years better jobs like A&M, Texas and maybe his white whale Bama could be available. Just keep beating MSU your life is good in Oxford. Why jump into that Auburn garbage disposal.

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  4. gobblinglawyer

    Lane is the Tommy Tubberville of the current college football scene. Possibly even down to the leaving Ole Miss in the middle of the night for The Plains. Let’s hope Lane has polished his exit strategy up since he left Knoxville.

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  5. Ran A

    I believe it’s true – because this is Vintage Auburn… You have a former player who loves Auburn. Completely bought in. Completely changes the culture in the lock room within a couple of weeks, has what is a very bad team playing hard.

    And how do they thank him. By hiring a coach from a rival and let it get out before the Alabama game, at least giving Williams a courtesy interview.

    Lane is either the perfect hire and will make them really good. Or Lane will tear them down even further. Don’t see any – in-between.

    Williams isn’t ready – pure and simple. But man is this just disrespectful.

    Oh, still waiting for the public apology from Auburn the young woman who was dragged through the mud, with a claimed affair with Harsin and a 1/2 million yellowwood apology check to go with it.

    Vintage Auburn… LOL

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  6. The Auburn School of Recycling Engineering is something else.

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  7. boz864

    Kiffin gonna Kiffin, but dude would likely be Bama’s next head coach if he would be patient and continue at Ole Miss…

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  8. gastr1

    Really couldn’t be a better fit, seems like. On his way to setting some kind of record for SEC schools coached.


  9. Oxford vs. Auburn? I can live large on whatever money in either location. Oxford beats the hell out of Greater Opelika (sorry, Opelikadawg). Throw in that I’m not sandwiched between the old GOAT and the new GOAT and have to play them both every year. I have to deal with the most meddlesome group of boosters in the conference.

    Give me Ole Miss every time.

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    • Opelikadawg

      As I said before, this place is not bad, but I take no offense from your comment ee.

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    • You nailed it. The only way the move makes sense is if Auburn greatly outbids Ole Miss and the Kiffin’s value that over quality of work life. signing up for the Power 5-leading dysfunction of Auburn plus adding UGA to his yearly schedule makes no damn sense. As another poster noted, biding time for the ATM job makes more sense (with a Kevin Sumlin level of performance likely acceptable for a while). Hugh Freeze, assuming B’ham signs off, seems more likely for the Sleaziest Village on the Plains.

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    • gastr1

      Yeah, but you can actually win something at Auburn. Plus you get to be Saban’s hated rival.


      • But can you really? Knowing that Bama and Georgia both have Auburn’s number and Kirby has pretty much shut off the Auburn blue chip pipeline from Georgia, is it any better if a job than Ole Miss is right now?


        • gastr1

          There’s no comparison between the two when it comes to potential to win titles & resources in place. Remember too that Kiffin doesn’t use the blue chip pipeline as much… he’s a transfer portal guy. Maybe he would more at Auburn, but there’s not much doubt that either way he’d have access to more of what it takes to get to the CFP on a regular basis. (Not saying he would….just that the possibility is much greater at AU than UM).


  10. dawgoholic

    I took this as a denial:


  11. Geezus

    I mean, the news reporter IS based in Starkville and it IS Egg bowl week ….

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  12. Gaskilldawg

    I counted six head coaching jobs for Kiffin. He didn’t win a conference or division championship in any of them, IIRC.

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  13. Welp, if it’s real it wouldn’t be the worst thing him heading to the Barn. It’s not like he’s setting the recruiting world on fire.

    He relies too heavily on gimmicks and ego, but Sam Pittman exposed that last Sat.

    Let the Lane Train derail once more, makes for great memes


  14. PTC DAWG

    It’s Auburn, I don’t care.

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  15. We know how this ends: Auburn announces Bobby Petrino as the new coach shortly before Williams wins the Iron Bowl as its first black coach. Williams then m secedes Nick Saban when he announces retirement and leads Bama on a string of wins against Auburn

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  16. charlottedawg

    I see absolutely zero reason to leave ole miss for the dumpster fire that is currently auburn but nobody’s throwing a bunch of stupid yellawood money at me

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  17. 69Dawg

    You have got to get the tail number for Sexton. I’m sure he is filling the sky between Oxford and Auburn. I’m with most of the above posters. If it’s money then he is going to Auburn but if it’s like style it’s Oxford. Lane has become the portal master using his NFL free agency experience so there’s that going for him.


  18. Given how wild Kiffykins’ career trajectory has been already, I don’t think anything could surprise me.


  19. Only way Kiffen takes Auburn gig is Sexton confirms with Bama that they are taking Dabo or “anyone else but…”. Bama ain’t hiring the Auburn HC. Plus, at Auburn, Kiffen won’t win anything there either to improve his resume. He’s got to go somewhere where he can, you know, actually win something.


  20. TripleB

    Seems to me they were made for each other. Sort of a match made in heaven.


  21. stoopnagle

    I think Kiffin like Boca too much to take the Auburn job.


  22. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Joey Freshwater will battle Reverend Dabo to be the next Bama coach once St. Nick heads to Lake Burton full time. And I, for one, am down to watch that snarkfest on PPV…


  23. Russ

    Don’t know if it’s true or not, but Laner to Auburn makes sense. When Saban retires, Kiffen will be set to help Auburn take over from Bama as premier program in the state.


  24. coastaldawg

    I like it. He basically denied it, multiple times and the reporter kept trolling so Kiffen trolled him back.

    KInd of fun to watch him give the media some of their own medicine.


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