Other people’s money, other people’s problem



Schools, shorter version:  “Yeah, it’s kind of a mess what we’re doing, encouraging collectives in one breath and leaving coaches out to fend for themselves in the face of aggressive NIL pitches on the other.  But, hey, at least we’re not the ones paying the players!”


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37 responses to “Other people’s money, other people’s problem

  1. uga97

    Jimbo has the formula & templates for this kind of success, someone ask Nicky about it (again).

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  2. 79dawg

    Surprised you haven’t posted on the NYT article last week about schools using their gambling sponsorships to turn their students into marks….

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    • miltondawg

      I read that. Damn, that is pretty crazy. LSU sending emails to students to promote Caesers online gambling after LSU and Caesers struck a deal (including in some cases to students under 21 years old that can’t legally wager in Louisiana). Michigan State getting $8.4MM over 5 years in their partnership. TCU of all places inking a deal with a brick-and-mortar casino sponsor (don’t recall which one). Colorado getting a deal for more than $1.5MM plus $30 for each person signing up with the university’s promotional code (presumably going out to students in official emails from the school). Since the deals are pretty hush-hush, a lot of people including parents have no idea that their son or daughter is attending a school which has a such a partnership/sponsorship where online gambling is actually promoted by the school with bonuses, free bets, discount codes and other rewards. I was fucking shocked when I read that.

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      • SoCalDawg

        The Emperor’s clothes aren’t just off, he’s streaking across the quad.

        When they say it’s not about the $, it’s about the $.
        When they say it’s about the $, it’s about the $.
        When they say it’s for the kids, it’s about the $. (….and they are burning the house down w/ the kids in it)

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      • munsoning

        Not to get all preachy, but education is an increasingly profitable industry for those at the top b/c they increasingly treat students and parents like consumers/marks. It’s disgusting and will get much worse very soon.

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  3. whb209

    This makes me sad. It is not what I grew up playing, but it is the new college game.
    It was never a game. I was told I was at GA for one reason and that was to win games for Coach Dooley and if I did not they would get someone that would. You still played (worked) to get better for your team, not for money.

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  4. godawgs1701

    “… with integrity as a non-negotiable” actually does sound like the Clemson Way now that he mentions it.

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  5. 69Dawg

    The Mouse that roared (NCAA) has left the building. Until something is done to stop this, it is going to get worst. The schools that try to abide by the “guidelines” are going to lose the recruiting and transfer portal wars. Jimbo is a good example of getting great players but not being able to win. Watch the A&M transfers and see if his class goes out the portal or they are making enough money that they stay. College money isn’t NFL money no matter how much oil you have.

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  6. A) Stoops ain’t worth $9m
    B) Who knew you had to work so hard for $9m?
    C) No one claimed that teams who exceeded expectations (Vandy, UTe) or did worse (TAMU, Bama) was because of NIL.

    Lesson learned…stop blaming the kids. It’s the coaching.

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  7. Even Kirby had to re-recruit Mims. It’s not a hard sell when you’re UGA, but when you’re Kentucky…



    • whb209

      Alabama will take them and the pay is great.
      Nick seems to have a problem coaching up those 5 star high
      school recruits. Let some one else do the hard work and then buy them. Looking at results, Nick might be taking the wrong approach


  8. archiecreek

    don’t stop at a$m,
    go to Miami, to the University of Spoiled Children, Tejas, okie state and others.
    NIL money there has been a waste.

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    • miltondawg

      Miami – jeez. So much hope for 2022. So much failure including getting drug by their arch-rival FSU and losses to Duke, Middle Tennessee, Clemson, UNC, and Texas A&M. Needing to beat Pitt on Saturday just to be bowl eligible. What a damn mess that place is.

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  9. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    clemson = liars

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    • Down Island Way

      And you know klempzen is liars how, just cause that dudes lips were moving and nothing coherent was coming out, doesn’t mean they’re liars…they don’t speak the English language very well, period, don’t make sense most of the time when they attempt to speak and when they do speak outwardly, they usually drool, then lie about what they were drooling over…so yes, you are correct Sir!…how do you know when klempzen peeps are dating…there exists tobacco juice stains down both sides of the pick up…GO DAWGS!


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    That’s inspiring! Let’s keep Climpsen, Climpsen.


  11. Has Stoops ever considered not being a blistering asshole who makes his players dislike him once he gets on campus?

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    • otto1980

      Naturally I think games should be called fairly. I do think Stoops has cost himself with the refs by being such a raging ass on the sideline. I think Richt should have stood up for himself and the team more often but, Stoops is seeming to be on the other end of the spectrum. As a line from the movie Rush went Hunt says to Lauda… every now and then, it helps if people like you.


  12. classiccitycanine

    I DGAS about the handwringing over NIL. I’m not listening to the people who complain about NIL ruining the sport until they start complaining that the student with a music scholarship is ruining his experience by playing side gigs on the weekend for money. And I’m definitely not listening to overpaid P.E. instructors complain about how they have to actually build a successful program culture to attract players instead of being dictators.

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  13. 79dawg

    Speaking of it being all about the money, 73,000 Hartman points to get SEC tickets….

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  14. Harold Miller

    What’s kind of shocking to me is seeing people in the comments section talking like this genie is going to be stuffed back into the bottle.


  15. Dawgfan1995

    I am thinking that Stoops is hearing rumors that he has a fair number of guys who thought they were coming to a top SEC program and instead got a 7-5/6-6 Dukes Mayo Bowl invitation instead and are thinking they’d like to go somewhere and develop and win.

    So, when they throw their names in the portal to leave, he can now say, “NIL NIL NIL NIL” over and over as if their new school was all about paying rather than all about winning.

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    • californiadawg

      Not sure what happened, their new OC? Weak oline? Levis is almost certainly overhyped but he can still sling it. They were the team I was most nervous about this year.

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  16. munsoning

    That Clemson dude has the least sincere smile I’ve ever seen. Might be a robot.

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  17. Urban Meyer and his reign of terror approach would do just fine in this era


  18. With all the hype surrounding Tennessee’s Dream Season™️, I had forgotten all about their 8 million-dollar incoming freshman QB. That’s gonna fun to watch. Heupel’s gimmick offense in its 3rd year, a light in-the-ass defense, and the crushing expectations of the Hillbilly Nation. As grandma used to say, ‘we’re gonna need a bigger dumpster.’

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  19. stoopnagle

    That’s what the money is for, Mark.


  20. SenorLorenzo

    Does the NIL mean we can now say goodbye to:


    I hope not. That’s never gotten old.


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