Today, in gunslingin’

Had it all the way, or nah?


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36 responses to “Today, in gunslingin’

  1. JaxDawg

    Bennet’s picks usually involve throwing downfield into impossible situations when he should have checked down.

    He looked downfield, didn’t see what he wanted, and checked down to Blaylock. I’m confident he tosses that one during the week all the time. He had it all the way.

    I think.

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  2. David D

    Had it all the way. But if Stetson doesn’t throw that ball with a sidearm motion, it ends in disaster. What a butt-ugly, beautiful win.

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  3. KingMackeral

    I yelled at the TV when I saw that happen in real-time. Could NOT believe it when Dom started running. My heard definitely skipped a beat.

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  4. theoriginalspike

    Looked like a pick six all the way to me in real time. How did he miss it?

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  5. Skeptic Dawg

    My son and both thought this ball was picked while watching on TV. The defender made a solid play attempting to jump the route. Thankfully this play worked out, but I would say that this was a poor read and an all advised throw. We need better from Stetson moving forward.

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  6. Geezus

    Should’ve been a pick-six. Glad it wasn’t.

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  7. biggusrickus

    The read was fine. He just threw it way too far inside and made it a lot closer than it should have been. The bad throw probably led to a bigger gain, ironically.

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  8. RangerRuss

    It wasn’t a grenade so it didn’t count.
    Stet’s a baaaaaaad man.

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  9. voxdawg

    Made me nervous as hell. Looked like a pick that was going all the way back.


  10. PTC DAWG

    Had it all the way…our fanbase at times just looks for anything to call a failure.

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  11. SenorLorenzo

    As I watched this play develop live I found myself sounding like Danielson at that moment in last year’s WLOCP during the pick six play just before halftime, as the ball was in the air I muttered “uh-oh!”

    Considering how greatly the outcome of the game would’ve been affected by a pick six at that point, it’s hard for me to characterize the pass as anything but very ill-advised despite the actual result.

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  12. Terry McCullers

    To me Bennett throwing motion looks a little off. Could he be limited physically?

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  13. The Truth

    OK, I’m gonna be the contrarian here. Why do other QBs get credit for being able to throw into “tight windows” but not Stet? It seems a tight window means a defender is pretty nearby. In truth, I know this play doesn’t fit the usual definition, but Stet thought he had a (very) little room and he did.

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    • ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

      because a lot of folks are perfect assholes and expect everybody else to be perfect assholes like them

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      • southgadawg1

        I love it. I thought I was the only one who used the expression perfect asshole. Seriously though, people want perfection are going to fuss about something because things are never going to be perfect. Good man this is about as close to it as I’ve ever seen Georgia football so I’m enjoying it. Fuck that inner Munson shit.


    • Derek

      Given that the ball was thrown roughly four yards from the sideline it was hardly a “tight window.” No reason in the world Dom should be turning inside to catch that ball. None.


      • The Truth

        “Next Gen Stats defines a “tight-window throw” as a throw where the intended receiver had less than a yard of separation from the defender.”

        Nothing about the sideline in that definition. And one reason he might turn inside to catch the ball is if it was off target. Unless QBs are always expected to make perfect throws and WRs are never expected to make adjustments.

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        • Derek

          So did Stet hit a tight window or get away with a less than perfect pass?

          Personally, I’m just a football neophyte who thinks a qb should throw it away from the defender rather than getting credit for just barely missing one. Especially where the option of throwing it far beyond the defender’s reach was an option. But what do I know?


    • stoopnagle

      “Stars matter”


  14. whb209

    Dom made a great catch. There was a lot going on in front of him and he kept concentration. Hard to do. Glad to see him back.

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  15. originaluglydawg

    Alls well that ends well.
    The two clowns calling the game were deflated that it wasn’t an I.
    That’s good enough for me.

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  16. I think the camera angle makes it look a little closer than it was.


  17. mydawghasfleas

    Sometimes… luck is on your side!


    • Geezus

      Agreed, I’ve certainly seen that throw go the other way more than a few times with the dawgs. The sun finally hit our ass for a change.


  18. Ehhh…it was the correct option, a little inside and KY defender goes for the ball. He might have tipped it, but now way he was getting two hands on it and by jumping the route, he left Blaylock alone for a big gain.


  19. southgadawg1

    The people saying it was bad throw may be right but I’m just beyond this crap at this point. We are deep into this thing and if gunslinger Stetson ain’t been coached out of him by now it never will be so there’s no need in worrying about it.


  20. Will Adams

    I think the camera angle made it look closer than it was in reality. The slow motion view at the end of the clip shows the uk defender reaching as far as he can with his left hand, yet he never touched the ball. It would’ve been a hell of a interception had the uk player gotten his hand on it. That being said, watching it live on TV definitely made it look like the defender should’ve caught it. I thought it must have gone right through his hands but apparently not. So I say, Stet had it all the way.


  21. marshesofglynn

    It is wild this intrepid little gunslinger is going to be legend in the annals of pup football. As Norm would say: Sheer tyranny of will!


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