Birth of a slogan

The next time somebody tells you it’s time to end COFH, point ’em to this game…

… and say, “We run this state, MFer”.


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53 responses to “Birth of a slogan

  1. I question the Georgia fandom of anyone who believes the series should end but especially should end before the Drought and their WW2 win (while Trippi and Co 1942 champions were fighting) that is the largest margin of victory are no longer things for them to grab on to.

    We run this state, nerds. Don’t forget it.

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  2. One of the posters known as Mark

    I am amazed to be reminded that as recently as 2009 the nerds were in the top 10. Seems like much longer since they’ve been relevant.

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  3. siskey

    The three games from 2008-2010 were all exciting and competitive games. I think the 2010 win is one of my all time favorites against Tech due to how bad we were that year and of course when CPJ “outsmarted” us like only real Tech men are capable.

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  4. RangerRuss

    Y’all know how I feel.
    Fuck ‘em up Dawgs!

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  5. KornDawg

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, and this has been discussed at length, but I caught the replay of the ’99 game this morning. Sanks was down, damn it!

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  6. fisheriesdawg

    If I’m ranking walks out of visitors stadiums that I’ve taken, that one might go to the very top. I’ve seen better or more memorable games on the road (2002/07 Bama, Hobnail Boot, 2002 Auburn, Old Man Football @Mizzou, 2017 ND, taking over Sun Devil Stadium in 2008), but the looks on the Tech fans’ faces after that game were priceless. I think that was the beginning of the end for their fans’ confidence in our series, and even they knew those 2014 and 2016 games were flukes. That was the last time they were ever going to enter COFH expecting to come out with a win.

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  7. theoriginalspike

    One of the best in the series was, and I’m dating myself, was the 1978 game in Athens. Buck Belue, Amp Arnold.. and all the rest! 29-28. A cold day , when the Dawgs rallied back! The Jim Beam was flowing that day lads! Great memories!

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    • row105

      1978…In law school and for reasons that escape me I had given my UGA/Fech tickets away. As the game approached my girlfriend at the time said I was being an ass…which I was…and I explained that I was pissed we weren’t going to the Tech game and was subconsciously taking it out on her. She was living in Atlanta and lived next to Al Ciraldo’s son( Tech’s announcer) and bought his guest tickets….obviously in the middle of the Tech section when Tech fans still came to Athens. It was a great game and the good guys came back to save the game at the end. (as described above)
      I was the personification of a drunk obnoxious Georgia fan. The nice wife of a “Tech man”, probably a LUG from Agnes Scott, had had enough of me and turned around to me and said, “Young man there are 4 “Tech Men” sitting right in front of me and they don’t take too kindly to the things you’re saying about their school”
      In one of the best retorts this drunk obnoxious Georgia fan ever got off…and I’ve had a few… I replied, “Tech Men, huh, I can tell……. they don’t have dates” The four “Tech Men shoulders shagged, the nice lady got mad and her husband puts his arm around her and says, “Honey, just don’t” Checkmate

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    • rugbydawg79

      That was a great game ! My favorite as a student.

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      • rugbydawg79

        The Rugby team had couches and a keg on the bridge. Will never see that again.

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        • row105

          Class of 80 and also had several Rugby players in my law school class….Stickler,etc….I was and am not afraid to party but those guys scared me. “I’m either gonna get layed or get in a fight” was not a mantra that worked to me.
          Gaskill if they were in your class and played basketball at Stegeman on Fridays I knew em. (Franzen;Majors;etc) Roomed with Daryl Sigman his 3rd year and my second(RIP) What I’m un-artfully saying is we probably know each other and you also probably know a lot more people who post here then you realize.


    • One of the posters known as Mark

      I sat right in front if some mouthy tech fans at that game. They chirped almost the whole first half.

      Second half, not so much.

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  8. originaluglydawg

    One of the very last times the crowd at that game in Atlanta didn’t have a predominately RED glow to it!


  9. paulwesterdawg

    I was insufferable after that game. So much fun. I am honestly due a massive punch to my face from some rival fan after 30 years of shit talking. But the fact that none of their peeps took a swing after that one was amazing. I didn’t say much til post game. Some F wads talked shit during game and I wore them out once it was over.

    That’s always been my mode. don’t talk much shit pregame. But if you get in my ear during the game and then lose. I’m riding you like the last train to heaven.

    That was quite the night. I hate those guys.

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  10. theotherdoug

    Nothing stays the same. CFB has been evolving since it began, but some of y’all are living in the ancient past.

    No way Tech is ranked 7th at the end of the season.


  11. With all the other changes taking place in college football, please make this the opening game each year.


    • For the foreseeable future, the only chance Tech would have against UGA, is playing the version that hadn’t been playing together long.

      Didn’t work out for Oregon, but they faced a uniquely bad proposition… an extremely experienced offense with a National Championship QB, older than 1/3 of the NFL QB1s.

      The only hope they had in Game 1, was that our defense wouldn’t be up to snuff… but the talent gap was evident.

      GT might have a shot in game 1, if we lose 18-20 starters from the previous season.

      Go Dawgs.


  12. 1971 and 1978 were true classics!

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  13. charlottedawg

    As satisfying as that win was, good god that 2009 team was awful. A who’s who of all time dawg retards: willie two thumbs, Caleb king. Joe interceptions are technically completions cox, Bryan burnt toast evans. Washaun ealey. Thank god for Todd gurley otherwise we would have had to retire the #3 to try and permanently erase the memory of the litany of boneheaded plays and pure unfiltered ineptitude just from those two for that season alone. Actually I take that back, calling those guys retards is an insult to retards.

    Silver lining is that tech’s best team of the last 30 years still couldn’t beat one of if not the worst one of ours. Lol

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    • southgadawg1

      Some straight horrible recruiting was done during that time. There were good players too but there were several that would t even be on the roster now.


      • fisheriesdawg

        We were also trying to replicate Florida’s success in that era of recruiting a bunch of highly-talented jackass prima donnas. Fortunately none of ours turned out to be a serial killer as far as we know.

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    • Salty Dawg

      WTF? I don’t understand why you would get on here and jaw about that. YOU are the retard, cd, if you think you can come on here and spew your passive-aggressive shit against the Dawgs. When you call a GA team “retards” you have just called us the same. Take a hike.

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  14. Believe it was last year, one of you wrote the perfect takedown of tech. The WP search function is abysmal, so please step forth and repost. It gets my hate right and I’m thankful for it.

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  15. southgadawg1

    I just don’t care about them. I’m about to turn forty five for whatever difference that makes. I’ve seen the series a lot more competitive. Their fans are such clowns. I just can’t muster up much anger or hate over them. People older than me all say this is the one game Georgia has to win if they don’t win any others and that game for me is Florida.

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    • I probably should hate Tech. They beat us 3 times during my years, including a complete ass whipping on my Senior Day. I didn’t get to play in that game. Got my coach fired. Got the fanbase saying we shouldn’t be allowed to go to our bowl game (But we did go, and Hawaii was fantastic).

      Still, I can’t hate em. They’re completely irrelevant, and I’m Thankful they’ve been restored to the trash heap of football where they belong.

      But I’ll say this – I want to Beat Florida, I want to Beat TN, I want to Beat AU, LSU, KY, even BAMA.

      But I Expect to beat Tech…. Which makes any loss, hell, any competitive game against them sour my mood and churn my gut.

      That’s the only thing that keeps that game in the “rivalry” column for me… not that I hate them… but that the idea of possibly losing to them absolutely sickens me to my core.

      Beat ‘em like a drum, boys.

      Go Dawgs.

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  16. NotMyCrossToBear

    Cannot beat them enough.

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  17. otto1980

    I was at the game sitting in the UGA section, upper deck end zone. What a fun night. GT thought they were going to have a winning streak and were talking some trash before the game. We marched out of the stadium chanting… What’s that coming down the tracks.


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