Turkey drops on Turkey Day

At GTP, y’all know there’s only one way to start Thanksgiving.

Now that you’re in the spirit of the occasion, have a great day.  We’ve all got a lot to be thankful for — family, friends and (of course) Georgia football.  Enjoy!


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24 responses to “Turkey drops on Turkey Day

  1. mwodieseldawg

    Perfect! I swear I thought they could fly.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to the GTP community! Enjoy the family and food.

    Get your minds right for Saturday. The weather forecast has improved this morning, so hopefully, we’re all systems go.

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  3. Russ

    Senator, I hope you’re feeling better. Thank you for the opportunity to read about the Dawgs here. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Dawgs!

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  4. sniffer

    So much to be grateful for. Every one of you scamps make the GTP community better and I appreciate you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  5. cowetadawg

    Thank you, Senator, for the blog you’ve ran for many, many years. I think I started tuning in around ’06. As soon as I get the java, its time for GTP. Muchas gracias to you and thanks to the GTP community. Now GATA and to Hell with Georgia Tech!

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  6. siskey

    Thankful for y’all and the Senator. Go Dawgs!

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  7. RangerRuss

    WKRP Turkey Drop, Alice’s Restaurant and Austin Nichols Wild Turkey 101 make for a traditional Ranger Thanksgiving.
    Thanks to Bluto and all y’all for making this a fun site. I’m thankful the Dawgs have the best football program in college sports.
    Fuck tech.

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  8. RangerRuss

    Labor Day ‘95 the wife is driving her new Mustang with top down. Ol Phil and I are riding, drinking and enjoying the beautiful day. A turkey runs into the highway and it appears our day is about to be ruined in a feathery crash. At the last second the turkey flies up just enough to get scooped up aerodynamically and lifted up into the pines to the right. Not before leaving a greasy racing stripe of turkey poo and goo from the pony at the front, across the hood and up the windshield. I got an unpleasant view of a turkey cloaca in action, Fortunately there was no real damage. I turned to ask Phil what he thought of the view but he didn’t see shit as he had hit the floorboard.
    “I didn’t want a face full of glass. And your torque converter is going out.”
    WTF you talking about? This is a new car.
    “I worked at Holman-Moody for 6 years. I know what a Ford torque converter sounds like when it’s bad.”
    Couple weeks later we get a recall notice for the torque converter on the 95 Mustang.
    Still got the Mustang. Recently had a new top put on. Phil moved back to Charlotte because he’s seventy fuckn five and inherited his mom’s condo.
    Oh, as Gawd is my witness wild turkeys can fly.
    Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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  9. Biggen

    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Thanks to the Senator as well for this wonderful site. Don’t know what I’d do without it living in Florida without many Dawg fans around.

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  10. Salty Dawg

    Happy Turkey Day, all you hairy Dawgs! Very thankful for the Senator and all you scamps! Enjoy everything today and start getting ready for the ‘big’ game! Ha! There will be more leftover carnage on the field than on the turkey platter!

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  11. I am so blessed as we all are.

    Thankful I am an American, a Georgia Bulldog fan, and, especially, a Christian!

    I really enjoy this forum, too! Thanks, Senator and all who contribute.

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  12. This Thanksgiving the Dawgs are still the reigning National Champions. Go Dawgs! Eat that turkey! Gobble Gobble

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  13. Morris Day

    Happy Thanksgiving all! Go Dawgs!

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  14. Opelikadawg

    “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” Happy Thanksgiving errbody.

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  15. whatisanarena

    I am thankful for GTP and the great work you do Senator. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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  16. Les, “Oh the humanity!”

    Bluto, and all you GTP reprobates, thank you! This forum is a lot of fun for me. I’ve learned a lot and bloviated even more, and I’m grateful to all of you for that. I love my alma mater and the expanding Dawg family…you’re good people…enjoy your loved ones and let’s get ready to beat the ever-loving piss out of those Jacketasses…

    Happy Thanksgiving

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  17. Happy Thanksgiving to all you fellow Dawgs out there! We are truly blessed to live in this great country!

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  18. Odontodawg

    Senator, I’m thankful for your painstaking efforts to bring us this blog daily.

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  19. Illini84

    Anyone the Buckner baby catch on Curb? Not the same as WKRP but still fun! https://youtu.be/Y9RLQK_BbZg

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  20. SoCalDawg

    Always a highlight every year to come see the WKRP clip. Grateful for you all and our Dawgs. Incredibly thankful for you, Senator, for keeping us sane. Cheers to all. Enjoy the day & GATA Saturday.

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  21. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Thankful that the Senator keeps putting up with all our foolishness and keeps the best fan blog in all of college sports running to this day, for most all of y’all here, and of course, for the reigning National Champion Georgia Bulldogs!


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