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Today, in football

Day after Thanksgiving offerings are plentiful:

Yeah, I’ll be watching.  You will, too.

Also, take this as a reminder that two of those games are in the Week 13 pick ’em, so if you haven’t done your Fabris Pool thing yet, don’t forget to do so.



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Won’t get beat deep.

Helluva stat here.

He’s also third on the team in sacks and tackles for loss.

Not bad for a three-star recruit.  If only Kirby was more than just a recruiter…


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Stick around and find out

Here’s some shit Kirby Smart doesn’t have time for:

In an effort to limit the uncertainty for coaches regarding scholarship numbers and to make the process easier for players, the Division I Council established two dates for players to enter their names.

The first period is set to open on Dec. 5, one day after the SEC Championship, before closing 45 days later on Jan. 18. There is also a 15-day spring period from May 1-15.

So what’s a head coach to do about convincing players on the roster not to leave, when there’s a championship game to prepare for?

Not much, apparently.

“For us, we’re going to be preparing. You know, we have a game,” Smart said. “So, we don’t get to go and have those conversations and do those things. Each and every player has to have the ability to put the team first, while at the same time realizing that, hey, there’s individualism now in college football, and it’s bigger than ever in terms of decisions you make.”

Besides, how much convincing should it take to stay?

“I’m just always really open and honest about it. If you’re not good enough to play here, you’re probably not going to be able to play in the NFL,” Smart said. “So, what do you want to be a part of? Do you want to be a part of something winning, something special? That’s what we sell. It’s not for everybody, but it’s what we sell.”


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If you’re looking for something to root for today…

May I suggest this?

On top of the record, Napier is facing the prospect of closing out his first year in Gainesville by becoming the first coach in school history to lose to Tennessee, Georgia and Florida State in the same season.

That’s something we should all be able to get behind.


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The SEC’s last refuge of amateurism

It took until Week 13, but SEC officials finally got around to painting this season’s masterpiece last night with this moment:

It was both the right call, ultimately, and the wrong call.

… It appeared that Jaxson Dart threw a backwards pass, but the whistle blew the play when the ball hit the ground. After some discussion the officials decided the whistle was inadvertent and the down would be reset. But the officials realized quickly that didn’t make any sense, so they reviewed the play and determined the pass was backwards and MIssissippi State would have recovered the ball despite the fact that several players stopped when the whistle (which was allegedly accidental) blew.

You had to be there.  Of course the topper was Mississippi State fumbling the ball back to Ole Miss shortly thereafter.

It never ceases to amaze me, with all the money flowing into the conference, how the SEC continues to shortchange its fans and teams by not spending sufficient money to professionalize its officials.


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In retrospect, not so bad

For all the bitching we did about Georgia’s running game and offensive line play against Mississippi State, it’s worth taking note of this stat from last night.

Georgia, by comparison, ran for 179 yards, at a 5.2 ypc clip — at Clanga.  (The Dawgs are currently 14th nationally in rushing average.)

Did the offensive line struggle a bit?  Sure did.  But it’s a reminder of a couple of things.  One, we’re a bit spoiled.  Two, more often than not, Todd Monken manages to squeeze out the production he needs, one way or the other.


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Speaking truth before power

George Pickens, keeping it real:


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TFW that South Carolina loss still stings

Have some cheese with this Egg Bowl whine, dude.

I’m sure his own kind are duly embarrassed by that… although perhaps not in the way he hopes.


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