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We still run this state.

Dawgs were dominant when they had to be and that’s good enough for me.


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Your game day post, COFH edition

Never gets old.

I admit I’m a little ticked we never got to welcome ol’ Geoff between the hedges.  But I’ll get over it, probably well before the end of the first quarter, if the game today goes the way I expect.  Statistically, on the offensive side especially, it’s a brutal mismatch, as Josh indicates.

Defensively, he describes them as improving since Key took over.  (Hint:  see low bar for improvement.)  One area where the Jackets are doing well statistically is turnover margin.  For the season, the Jackets are +11 in that department, good for seventh nationally.  Bottom line, though, Tech has a big mountain to climb to make this game competitive.

I don’t think motivation will be an issue today.  It’s senior day.  The team is on the cusp of another undefeated regular season.  Plus, this:

“It is important to me because it is important to the people that back me while I am out there on the field,” Smith said this week. “I want to be able to win for myself, the seniors, the rest of my teammates and the coaches, but especially Coach Smart. I know what this means to him.”

In addition to Smart, Smith hears a lot about Tech from his position coach, Will Muschamp, who played safety for the Bulldogs from 1991-94. In fact, Georgia could send a complete unit onto Dooley Field on Saturday with staffers who participated in this game while they were attending UGA. That group would include receivers coach Bryan McClendon, tight ends coach Todd Hartley and offensive analyst Mike Bobo.

The spirit of Erk lives today.  Dawgs, big.  No mercy, Kirby.



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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Rivalry Week comes to a head today.

What I’ll be watching:

  • Michigan at Ohio State.  Once upon a time, we’d have been arguing about whether the loser of this game deserved to be in the CFP over Tennessee.  Ah, well.
  • South Carolina at Clemson.  Which Spencer Rattler shows up today?
  • Auburn at Alabama.  There’s probably a drinking game involving the number of times Brad and Gary discuss the Auburn coaching search to be had today.
  • LSU at Texas A&M.  This could get ugly.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  • Notre Dame at USC.  One of those rare times when it feels okay to root for the Irish.
  • Tennessee at Vanderbilt.  I know, it’s not gonna happen.  But I wish it would.

And you?


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Of course they are.

The most Auburn thing Auburn could do isn’t to hire Junior as its next head football coach.

It’s this.

Really, it’s a match made in heaven, so to speak.

Blogging manna.  Make it happen, football gods.


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“I think we’ll match our results against his.” 

The only thing the AJ-C could have done to make this Paul Johnson interview about Geoff Collins better would have been to let Mark Bradley conduct it.  (I guarantee you if he had, there would have been some to-do over the number of wins the genius notched over Georgia, compared to Coach 404.)

Still, it do have its moments.

“We didn’t spend a lot of time on uniforms,” Johnson said. “And swag. We worked on trying to play hard-nosed, tough football and be blue collar.”


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Is there a cocktail made from salty tears and sour grapes?

If not, there should be.


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A transitive mystery

Can someone explain how the ACC’s best defense gave up 38 points to Florida, while the SEC’s worst defense gave up 24 the week before?


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Dawgs for life

Today’s hype video is perfect.

If somebody has to tell you to get your mind right for today after watching that, you ain’t doin’ it right.


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