“I think we’ll match our results against his.” 

The only thing the AJ-C could have done to make this Paul Johnson interview about Geoff Collins better would have been to let Mark Bradley conduct it.  (I guarantee you if he had, there would have been some to-do over the number of wins the genius notched over Georgia, compared to Coach 404.)

Still, it do have its moments.

“We didn’t spend a lot of time on uniforms,” Johnson said. “And swag. We worked on trying to play hard-nosed, tough football and be blue collar.”



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17 responses to ““I think we’ll match our results against his.” 

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pay wall. But I bet Paul the Johnson was being a johnson.

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  2. “No, no, back when I arranged deck chairs on the Titanic, we didn’t focus on recruiting, we just practiced chop-blocking”

    It’s like listening to the French generals after WWII on how “well” they defended Paris and managed the Germans. Falls a little flat for the well informed audience.

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  3. uga97

    Geoof Collins- 3 & 1/3 years with GaYech & never had to face us in Athens. Quite some weird way to avoid multiple potential ass kickings there by Mr Patty Melt.

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  4. Ran A

    Coach Fish Fry can spin it anyway he wants to; but he did pigeon hole that program into run only and pure boredom. And they were dirty… As for Collins – timing is everything. The whole ‘404’ might have worked at another time. He just happen to come along when Kirby was in the middle of building his very own Death Star. He stood no chance.

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  5. whb209

    Thin skin = Coach Fish Fry

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  6. legatedawg

    Indeed, Senator. Obsequious fawning is really its own species of literature and Bradley is a devoted practitioner. As the deceased writer/narrator Joe Gillis (William Holden) remarks in Sunset Boulevard, “Sometimes it’s interesting to see just how bad bad writing can be.”

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  7. debbybalcer

    So glad he is gone he gives blue collar a bad name. They were not tough under him just dirty with their blocking.

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  8. He’s a dick, but he isn’t wrong.


  9. thelifeofthemind

    Johnson is such a prick. He says 2 or 3 times how he’s not gonna pile on, how Collins has caught enough grief, but the very next quote is him trashing Collins tenure even more. Just keep your mouth shut. The whole interview is tacky as hell, regardless of how I feel about Tech (they suck).

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  10. Texas Dawg

    No way to defend Collins. Key took the exact same team and made them into a semi respectable bunch. Still on the lower end of the foot chain, but no longer on the very bottom.