Monday ticket exchange

It’s SECCG time, and I suspect if you’re looking for tickets, they won’t be too hard to find.

You know what to do in the comments.  Have at it!


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28 responses to “Monday ticket exchange

  1. thunderdawg42

    Also looking for 2!


  2. Anon

    Are we 100% sure game will be in Atlanta?

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  3. Anon

    Never mind. I was thinking playoff game already. Got ahead of myself


  4. aim260

    I’d like 2 but not sure I’m willing to pay for them, lol. Got kids to feed and how I LOVE listening to Gary!

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  5. waltergeiger

    coonasses are selling the hell out of their tickets. prices are plummeting. i guess they know an epic beatdown is coming.


  6. Dawglicious

    If StubHub would accept payment in corndogs, bet you could pick some good seats up for the cost of a trip to Sams/Costco!

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  7. Willing to trade one kidney for two seats. Kidney is functional but well used due to excessive drinking while watching UGA face plant at least two games annually prior to Kirby’s arrival.

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  8. mdcgtp

    I have two in 125 row 34. text 917.727.0101. $1100 obo.


  9. Looking for 1 but if you want to get rid of more I can find a group. 803-920-9573. If you guys know of anyone who has tix to the show at the Roxy Friday, too, let me know.


  10. Does anyone know if face was $100 or $200 each for upper deck (300 level) tickets?


  11. winodawg

    Turns out I can’t go to the game. Have Yellow Lot parking pass for sale $35. Text me please. 478.491.1644


  12. whendawgsfly

    Anyone have 1 or 2 extra? Plans changed last minute…