Today, in motivation stones

You have to watch this clip.  It’s fabulous.

Auburn in the urinals.  Poetic.


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  1. 2019 lowlights on the TVs at B-M this week.


  2. artistformerlyknownasbman

    And Auburn has been in the crapper ever since that game.

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    • Illini84

      I’ll never forget being on the beach on 30a when this drunk Auburn sow so my Dawg shirt and gave me the “we kicked your ass a I WAS THERE”. I look for her every time I’m down there but I can’t tell her from the trigger fish!

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    • That’s a fair characterization, artist—34–29 record overall and have barely sniffed a win against Georgia.

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  3. Roswell Dawg

    I told a group of friends that if I was Kirby, I would have the video of Malzahn talking about the dog crap win in the weight room on a loop. Turns out I was right.

    The Gus Bus is now parked at UCF playing a less than SEC quality schedule. I wonder how many times that moron has called for a fake injury when his opponent is inside is own 20 and driving for the end zone? Somethings never change.

    Auburn and Malzahn – perfect for each other.


  4. trbodawg

    Odd the things I ponder. . . I wonder who’s job is it to to change out the opposing team logos in the urinals every week. or is it opposing team’s logo?


    • trbodawg

      So much pondering I missed whose/who’s . .

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      • owensborodawg

        As an English major at our fine university, I appreciate your attention to the proper use of language. That, and how marvelous it is to contemplate pissing on all of our opponents, which we are doing regularly and with great success of late.


  5. cowetadawg

    Awesome. Hope we have some nice LSU videos to put on a loop from the Burrow game. And Tigers in the toilet – yeah where else do they belong?


  6. TripleB

    Really cool. There’s something about our players that I just like. We have a lot of good mentors around our program. Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t see that as much with other teams.

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  7. One of the posters known as Mark

    “Piss on Auburn.”

    I like it.


  8. Many people are saying that Kirby is playing this all week around the facilities…


  9. Gonna be nice to finish this decades long revenge tour Saturday before finishing an undefeated season. Icing on the cake would be for Tennessee, Bama and Ohio State to not make the playoff. Maybe those 3 can have their own playoff for the 2022 Excuses and doing way too much talking national championship.

    I’ve never really been one to look too far ahead and I’m not egotistical enough to assume we’ll finish undefeated but it just feels… right and deserved. I don’t expect us to go on a Bama run but at least let me have this.


  10. Roswell Dawg

    Auburn. The cesspool of colleges. Their fans are revolting

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  11. RangerRuss

    Gator Bob tells me their second string QB got busted with kiddie porn.

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  12. whit1356

    I was a member of a hunting/fishing club for 20 years. We had a urinal in the main building with a gator to piss on, and another one in our cook shed area with an Aw-barn Tiger to piss on. Would have to say that the gator received much more attention. 😉