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The branding at Tech has taken an abrupt turn.

As my brother the Tech fan put it, that sure beats the hell out of Waffle House.


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Those extra rounds aren’t going to schedule themselves.

Beginning in 2024, the official college football season will extend until January 20, 2025.

Some kids are looking at the possibility of playing 17 games if things break the right way.  Lucky amateur ducks!


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They can’t help themselves.

The least surprising thing about Hugh Freeze’s new Auburn contract?  This, easily.

While the full contract has yet to be made public by Auburn, Freeze’s deal also includes a considerable buyout should he be terminated without cause prior to the end of the contract. In the event that happens, Freeze would be owed 75 percent of the remaining money on his contract, the official confirmed.

It’s Auburn.  That’s how Auburn rolls.  Hell, for all I know, Sexton offered a 50 percent buyout and Auburn insisted on the higher percentage.


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The award for best ass kissing by a national writer in service of playoff expansion goes to…

For the good of college football?  Oh, blow me, Dodd.


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A coaching milestone



Congrats to everyone involved, particularly Jimmy Sexton, without whom this presumably wouldn’t be possible.


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Who’s carrying who?

Michael Cunningham has a piece up at the AJ-C that echoes a thought I had the other day about this year’s Georgia team, namely, that while we thought in the preseason it would be the experienced offense that would carry the defense, depleted by the departure of so much talent to the NFL draft, the story of the season has been something different.  And it’s what distinguishes the Dawgs from almost every other team in the country.  (In case you’re wondering, Michigan is the possible exception.)

But Georgia is the best team in the country because no one plays defense like the Bulldogs. That’s been true since the start of last season, and it really has come into focus as CFP contenders faded in recent weeks while capitulating on defense.

Ohio State surrendered 45 points and a program-record 8.8 yards per play to Michigan. South Carolina hung 63 points on Tennessee, which also allowed Bama’s offense to score 42. The Crimson Tide gave up 52 points to Tennessee and 32 against LSU. Clemson allowed 30-plus points three times and lost twice. TCU and (especially) USC just aren’t that good on defense.

It’s hard to imagine Georgia’s defense being that inept. The Bulldogs haven’t allowed more than 22 points this season (Kent State scored six points in garbage time to reach that mark). They gave up more than 18 points just once in 2021, to Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Georgia’s defense proved that 34-point tally was a one-off by holding Bama to a season-low 18 points in the national title game.

It’s not flashy, but it’s damned effective.

… The thought was that the Bulldogs wouldn’t be a true contender until they could win shootouts. What’s happened instead is Georgia rarely gets into shootouts because the other team struggles to score. That’s why it’s hardly mattered that Georgia’s 2022 offense isn’t as good as last year’s group.

The Bulldogs are scoring about the same number of points per game (38.6 vs. 38.2), but that top-line number flatters them. Georgia’s offense slipped from second to 21st in SP+. Much of that decline is because the Bulldogs don’t produce as many big plays and finish red-zone trips with TDs less often.

Going into the postseason, does Georgia’s offense change that trend, or is the defense good enough to carry the offense along regardless?


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Today, in getting their best shot

Of course they are.


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Your SECCG betting trends

For what they’re worth:

Add to that, Kirby’s never beaten LSU and never lost to Brian Kelly, and what have you got?


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It’s money that they love. Always.



Eh, Mickey will be there to tell us how great that is, at least until they’re ready to sell us another round of expansion.

Cherish next season, friends.  It will truly be the end of an era.


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Third and long ain’t what it used to be. Or is it?

So, I saw this stat posted yesterday.

My first thought in response was, “Brilliant, Monken!  Stetson can’t hurt the team in third and long if he’s not in third and long.”  Except it turns out that (1) Bennett’s thrown in as many third and 7+ yards or more situations this year as last year and (2) well, it’s a little complicated, in that his passer rating in third and 7-9 yards has significantly improved, while his passer rating in third and 10+ declined.  I guess that makes my initial reaction half right.


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