It’s money that they love. Always.



Eh, Mickey will be there to tell us how great that is, at least until they’re ready to sell us another round of expansion.

Cherish next season, friends.  It will truly be the end of an era.



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  1. Dawgfan1995

    I’ve said exactly what Vannini said in a comment on The Athletic, except in the context of Georgia-Tennessee this year. Without divisions, the possibility of playing a team three times in a season is greatly enhanced.

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  2. fisheriesdawg

    See: the way ESPN hypes every Duke/UNC and Yankees/Red Sox game.

    None of the games will be as big as The Game used to be when the chance of a rematch was minuscule, as only more passionate fans outside of those teams will adjust their schedules to watch. It definitely will not be water cooler talk. But the cumulative audience for those teams over three games will be higher for ESPN, because they get to sell ads to us junkies three times instead of one. The new media environment is all about committed, sticky audiences rather than trying to appeal to broad, diverse, and less regular audiences. See the transition of news from nightly shows on the Big Three to 24 hour cable crack cocaine.

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  3. RangerRuss

    Yeeeeeah, all that shit will render it easy to walk away from college football once they start making every game pay per view.

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  4. akascuba

    Does this mean next year is the final year of East and West division’s in the SEC?

    One league probably nine game schedule two top highest ranked
    ( selected off field by PC? ) meet for SECCG. Is this 2024?


    • I believe they are waiting for Oklahoma and Texas to join officially, but the divisions go away when they do. That’s been the whole debate about the conference schedule going forward.

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      • Down Island Way

        Still say move the barners east, put tejas/okla in the west…

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        • You can’t do that and maintain both the Iron Bowl and the 3rd Saturday in October as annual games. If you did that with Bama and Auburn and moved Missouri to its rightful place in the West, I could see that. Staying with divisions makes the league move to 9 games, which apparently is still a scheduling sticking point.

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        • akascuba

          Just one big happy as pigs in shit 16 team league that outsiders vote on top two who get in the SECCG ?

          No more settle it on the field games for entry to SECCG is that the future?


      • fisheriesdawg

        I imagine this is a bit of a chicken/egg scenario. Oklahoma and Texas probably didn’t want to join the SEC before making the playoff with 2 or 3 losses became more likely, and the SEC probably didn’t want two more teams in the mix that could wreck putting a second team in the playoff the way South Carolina did to Tennessee until the playoff expanded. Now that the expansion date is known, I’m guessing that becomes the target for the league to ask the SEC to buy out the Big XII so they can finally kill LHN.

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    • Godawg

      I guess this also means that some years we won’t have the Cocktail Party.


      • Nope. I haven’t seen a single model that would ever get rid of WLOCP.

        There’s a chance we lose Auburn annually if the SEC capitulates to the chickenshit middling teams like Kentucky and Arkansas who want a 7 rotating 1 permanent model rather than a 6 rotating, 3 permanent.

        I don’t think I’ve ever cared more about a bureaucratic decision ever made in the past than I do about the 8-game / 9-game debate.

        They could screw with every single other aspect of the sport (and they are!) but as long as the dawgs play Florida and Auburn annually, I’ll be a happy camper.


    • stoopnagle

      As ee says, no divisions begins when Texhoma gets here in 2025.

      If you want a picture of how convoluted it’s going to be to figure out who gets to play in the championship game, then I’m linking an article that walks through how Utah was selected over Oregon and Washington to play USC in Las Vegas on Friday.

      They got all the way to the fourth tiebreaker: winning percentage of conference opponents.


    • “Top 2” will likely be win percentage in the conference, just like it is in the Pac-12. The SEC isn’t going to have random voters decide their champion.

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  5. voxdawg

    There’s hope for Tennessee, yet! Fat Josh just might waddle his way into a CFP spot before he’s invariably shown the door.


  6. Granthams Replacement

    2024 cfb = NFL lite. The Ivy League will be the last remnant of college football.

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    • amurraycuh

      The Ivy League schools take the high road because the Ivy’s have such large endowments that they do not need to prostitute themselves for TV money. They’re amateurs, but they aren’t broke.


  7. Why should we be surprised when rational people make decisions based on money over tradition? The NY6 bowl games (even the Rose Bowl) are hanging by a thread, and the sport’s power brokers have thrown them a life line (at least until they decide there’s more money in playing on campus).

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    • sniffer

      ..more money in playing on campus

      Thanks, ee, for bringing up something I’ve wondered about regarding the games played on campus. This is probably a minor point all things considered, but will/would those game tickets be split 50-50 between fan bases? Athens has never seen the likes of a takeover like that.


      • No. It will be like the NFL where the home team gets the tickets and the visitors get a small allotment. The home team gets all of the money from ticket sales.


      • fisheriesdawg

        I imagine it’ll be like any normal home game. There’s probably a percentage the CFP will require to be allocated to road fans (and a requirement to put their full band in the lower level for TV shots), but it’ll largely be that season ticket holders can buy their normal seats and road fans will sit where road fans normally sit.

        They’ll get a couple of years with quarterfinals with empty seats on TV in mid-December before the current contract expires. I’d bet even money the quarterfinals go to campus for the 2026 season with the new contract and the NY6 bowls go back to rotating the semis.


    • whb209

      To hell with the Rose bowl and to hell with ND.
      I am tired of them trying to run CF for all of us.
      They always have tried to run things and have mostly gotten away with it.


  8. Ran A

    Waiting for Sankey to play the “not until Oklahoma and Texas are in the SEC” card. $$$$


  9. KingMackeral

    I believe I am echoing something the Senator stated earlier this year — I am very, very happy to have watched UGA crowned National Champions in January during the existing BCS model.

    I have zero confidence the go-forward plan is going to match the “watchability” and fan-dome, but that was never the point (as discussed ad nauseum).

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    • This makes me lol because my brother, the BCS went extinct in 2013. Georgia never won a BCS national title. (1998-2013)

      Goes to show that this sport is constantly changing and I’m damn happy Kirby has a chance to threepeat the final three natties in the 4-team model before shifting to never ever missing a playoff again in his career in the 12-team model. More natties are coming, folks, and at the end of the day that’s what we all wanted when we were wandering the desert half a decade ago, is it not?


  10. Russ

    Great. Divisions will end before we ever get to Kyle Field.

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  11. SenorLorenzo

    There’s gonna be at least a few SEC end of regular season rivalry games, especially among the current west division teams, that could finish the same way as his OSU/UM example.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Will they roll toomers corner when Auburn’s JV team beats Alabama’s JV team……or will they save their TP for the “more exciting” varsity game a week later in downtown atlanta ? Maybe they can get some of the corporate seat spectators who flew in from the new york office to throw a roll or two ?


  12. moe pritchett

    Gotta love when things are good and there’s enough cash for everyone.
    It’s just the people who have the most cash, fuck everything up for everyone trying to get more cash for themselves.

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  13. When I consider the 12-team model I think of the exchange from Seinfeld:

    “Maybe there’s more to Newman than meets the eye!”
    “No. There’s less.”

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  14. Dawgs 3-peat and then drop the mic. 2024 schedule will be:


    Bama: Vandy, OM, MSU, KY, MZ,Bye, Bye, Bye


  15. godawgs1701

    Heather Dinich will be telling us why the third Michigan-Ohio State game will be the one that truly matters and I’m sure she’ll be selling us on why the second LSU-Alabama game setting up a second Alabama-Georgia matchup is totally legit, too. Just like Monday when she was writing that Michigan should be #1 in the penultimate CFP rankings because she was told to drive viewers to the ranking show broadcast even though the only thing we didn’t know as a country was whether the committee would put Alabama or Ohio State #5.